Secrets of Raspberry Ketones: Slow and steady wins the race!

Weight Loss Theories Abound, but let’s make one thing clear. You can only safely lose one to two pounds of fat per week. You may lose more weight but it will be water weight or worse, muscle loss. Be temperate in your goals and reach them over a reasonable amount of time.  This is a reasonable product to help you lose about a pound a week. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was your bulk! Take your time, go slow and get there quicker. Dr. Oz recommended this supplement but did not endorse any brand or company.
Healthy Origins: Razberri K – Raspberry Ketones 100 mg capsules – 60 capsules – Only $29.97 per bottle

Now only $18.97for a singly month’s supply.

In stock, ready to ship!

Healthy Origins® Raspberry Ketones












(Razberri-K) Only $18.97

100 mg 60 Capsules



Directions: As a dietary supplement for adults, take 1 (one) capsule two (2) times daily with water or as directed by a physician.

· More ketones than an entire bowl of raspberries in a tiny, easy to swallow capsule.*

· To be used as part of your diet and exercise program to maintain a healthy weight.*

Healthy Origins® Razberi-K® raspberry ketones are the perfect addition to your diet and exercise program.

A raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound which is responsible for a raspberry’s wonderful aroma. Raspberry ketones have been used for decades in the natural flavor and aromatic industry. However, due to the excessive cost, limited supply and low yields, raspberry ketones were never studied for any other application……until recently. Scientists have now found a way to make a high purity, reasonably priced raspberry ketone. This enables people to ingest the proper amount of raspberry ketones for their body weight without spending a fortune on the product.*

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatin (capsule), Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

No Sugar, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts, Tree Nuts, Milk or Eggs. No Preservatives, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors or Solvents.

Razberi-K® is a registered trademark of Integrity Nutraceuticals., Inc.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

7 thoughts on “Razberri-K: Pure Raspberry Ketones

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    • admin says:

      We sell a blended ketone version and a pure ketone version. The blended version has other proven weight loss stimulants and also includes caffeine. The Pure has no such additives.

    • admin says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Marketing is a part of the dietary supplement business. If GNC is selling it for $25 and another site is selling for $5.99 it does raise questions. 1st you have be be sure you are comparing apples with apples and not oranges. Raspberry Ketones is a hot item right now. The quantity or the quality could vary from website to website. Milligrams in each capsule and the source of manufacture. My guess is that the website selling for $5.99 may not really have stock and is just gathering your information and will not ship the product. They could be shipping the product and taking a loss on the sale in order to gain you as a customer. They will email and mail more info to you to by other products. All companies have to promote themselves in this highly competitive market. Better to go with the companies you trust.
      Garey Simmons, Integrative Nutrition Counselor.

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