Your Name Charles K
Message I have a question that I cannot find an answer for on the inter-net. Omega 3 is an oil and our blood is mostly water and oil and water don’t mix. How do we get Omega 3 into our blood stream and through our body?
Thanks for any assistance in this.
Charles K
Hi Charles,

Oils or Essential Fatty Acids or PUFAs Polyunsaturated fatty acids travel through the blood stream in boats – lipids. You’re right that oil and water don’t mix. But the presence of the lipids in the blood play a vital role in human health. It provides the arteries with materials to build hormones and essential nutrients and plays a role in the balance of pro and anti inflammatory properties of the immune system. The lipid profile is what the doctor looks at in the blood test to see how high your cholesterol is and how the triglycerides and blood sugars are performing.


Having a sufficient level of the “good” oils Omega 3 and Omega 9 is one of the most crucial ingredients to a healthy life.

For us primarily, the concern is to not get too inflamed with all the junk food around us. Eat a lot of micro nutrients – “veggies”, get clean macro nutrients, good protein, good fats and good carbs (legumes, beans, a little fruit).

I think Omega-3s are the pivotal point in modern human health.

Hope this helps.


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