There are 7 billion versions of reality on this planet. Now this statement of course it not accurate or even true. While there are 7 billion of us humans experiencing life on planet Earth, each one with a different view or angle of what it is all about, the reality is we each only have a thin slice of the pie. The man or woman in Ethiopia would have a different view of reality than a celebrity in Hollywood. Different idea of what shoes are, what his view of education means, what opportunities lie before him or her, how to get nourishment, how to provide for one’s family, how to raise children. Can you see how different realities affect who we are?

There are also animals that inhabit our planet, insects and even plants that react to the environment. Each entity has an intelligence, a mechanism of reacting to outside forces.

If five people observe a car crash at an intersection, there will be five distinct stories of what happened. Each one sees things from his own perspective. In Nutrition School, we used to joke that if you had a stadium filled with 40,000 Health Coaches, you’d have 40,000 interpretations of how to live a healthy life. Some things we can agree on, but most things come in shades. 

Each of us has to find our own truth. Reality is what it is. Truth has a basis in fact, not opinion.

The person that is most important in defining your reality and your truth is you. What is it you believe?

There’s an old adage: Don’t tell me what you believe, tell me what you do everyday. Then I can tell you what you believe.


Because behaviors never lie.

Self Assessments

Do you take stock and assess where you are in life?
Do you think about where you want to be?
Do you have goals?
Are you putting landing gear on your ideas on how to get to where you need to be? Do you exercise? Are you sleeping well? Are you eating clean and avoiding processed junk food?

So enough questions, the reason I write articles like this is that it forces me to act upon what I write. I need to do this in order to make sure I am reaching my goals, that I am living my truth. 

“Small acts repeated consistently bring great rewards.”

Enjoy the weekend! 

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