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timrussertSeven years ago, one of my favorite news people in all the world was Tim Russert. He was neither leaning left nor right and both conservatives and liberals had problems keeping their stories straight in front of Tim Russert. He was known especially for his research and grasp of the facts. In other words, you couldn’t BS Mr. Russert. Tim Russert was on heart medication. He was on a statin to keep his cholesterol at a neat 150. Unfortunately, Tim died of a heart attack on his first day of work back from an Italian vacation with his family at age 58. There was a defibrillator on the premises but there are no details to know if someone knew how to use it, or if CPR was even attempted. On average, it can take 7.58 minutes for first responders to show up in NYC. You may not have 7 minutes and 58 seconds and it could take a lot longer in Arkansas or West Texas. In West Texas you might think about driving yourself to the hospital if you think you are having a heart attack. Of course chances are slim to none that you could make it in time, unless your blood is thin enough to make it through or around a blockage.

The reason I mention this is because I remember thinking, “I wonder if Mr. Russert knew about high potency Omega-3 fish oil as being essential to heart health?”

Garey Simmons, author of How to Improve Your Health Fast, has been quoted on all 4 major networks for his belief in leverage and using jiu-jitsu in life.

Report: Skinny on Omega-3s

Since you are my customer, I assume you know. I have an e-report that details the usefulness, the efficacy of True Omega-3. if you need to brush up on the facts.

Since you have loved ones in your life and may wish to continue to enjoy them long into the future, I thought it’d be great to have an easy way to help your friends get started on the path to a healthier and longer life!

Here’s what I want you to do: Send out $10 to $20 Instant Credits for Optimal Health Bridge products, especially True Omega-3. You can use your email list, you can share on Facebook or Twitter. There is a personal code that you can give out too.

Share Instant Credits

Not only will your friends and family get instant credits toward their first purchase, but you will also get $10 credit for each person you refer who places an order.

To get started sharing Instant Credits simply go to: or use the QR Code.

If you need help don’t call me, call Marci. 443-450-4413 or reach us at toll free: 1.877.572.3444

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