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Barry and Mary’s Story

Refer a Friend or Relative to our practice and holistic apothecary:

Mission: We are here for a very singular purpose: to help you get healthy and stay healthy. Restoring health and maintaining health are essential.  Life is just not much fun without good health.  I think you’ll agree!

Value: You are getting more than tablets, capsules and supplements from Optimal Health Bridge. The value we bring to the table is the ability to achieve vibrant health, lack of illness and absence of disease. This mission is inherent in everything we do in our business. You can achieve vibrant health from expert nutritional advice, from following a planned regimen, from doing a few things and doing them well. I can show you how.

Service:  You deserve excellent service.  You deserve to be able to respond to us directly if something is not right. You may have questions or a situation and it’s our ultimate pleasure to contribute to your happiness, satisfaction and overall health.  You can request for me to call you by calling toll free 877-572-3444. Just tell the agent you want to speak to the boss.  Or you can contact Marci, who is extremely nice and dedicated to your satisfaction at 443-450-4413. Or you can get me directly at my email  I read all my emails and respond pretty quickly.

Personal Mentoring:  I am a health coach. I help people lose weight. I help people find a healthy way to live, to eat and to exercise. I help people avoid heart attacks and stroke. I am available to you without cost. You can schedule a consult with me anytime by using the form on this page:

I have two tiers of appointments, 15 minute and 45 minutes. It’s your choice, both initial consults are free.

Referrals:  There are several ways for me to grow my business but the only way that I want to grow my business is with your good will. I would like you to introduce me to two of your friends or relatives who may be need support with a health issue.  Just tell them to visit or call me 443-852-1000. If you feel you received care and good service from me and my company, I know you won’t mind sharing my information with those you know and love.

The Benefit:  People are lost in an array of difficulties with the medical system. I work together with doctors of all persuasions to find the best solutions available.  With your help and referrals, I can keep my prices reasonable, my doors open. Let’s work together!

Thanks again for your confidence!

Garey Simmons

Tell A Friend Form if you’d like to refer us to someone you know. The form will send this information to the recipient. You can add a personal word to the message. Thank you.

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