Dear Friends and Family,

One thing I have decided to do this year is to grow my business through referrals. That’s right, it’s come to that! If you have had a good result with our products or if you have learned something from reading my blog or special reports, if you found us to be responsive in the customer service department, then I would like to you to share that with your friends and family.

Hundreds of people have written in over the years to express their appreciation for our help and services. We appreciate every one of them.

We are not perfect and sometimes mistakes are made, but we strive hard to correct and learn from our blunders and do better. I learned that in Sunday school. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”-The Golden Rule.


referral cardNow, I would like to “partner” with you in this effort. I would like to provide you with the tools to make it simpler to refer someone you know, a friend or a neighbor. In your next box, your next order you will find a yellow envelope with some business size cards in there. It’s got our site name, URL and phone numbers. On the card there is a question: “Who May We Thank for Referring You?” ________________. If you are so inclined to earn some rewards, fill in your name before you give the cards out. Then when your friend or family orders, they will see the same question on the checkout form in the shopping cart. They type in your name and I will know who to thank: YOU.

Your new referred customer will get 10% off their first order by using the coupon: WELCOME.


I will thank you with a coupon for $25 for each new customer you refer. We will send these coupons out once a month. This is sort of a cheap man’s referral system. So bear with us as we try this out! I hope it works!


I have been looking for a way to create a list of customers who refer. I could go and check the customer database but there may be duplicate names.  So here is a simple form for you to fill in so we can match your referring name or nickname with new customers who we really want to thank.

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