Mighty Seminar

With his arm in a sling, Brendon brought his full energy to the seminar!
A Hospital Social Worker, A Medical Doctor and A Naturopath In My Breakout Group.


Mighty Redwoods

Barb holds a Redwood Pine Cone - it's really tiny!
Relaxing on a Redwood Bench
Who's Bigger?
Getting Ready to Fly
Zipping to the Next Platform
Towering Majesty of the Redwoods
Here I come!

After three days of seeing California from the inside of a hotel room (seminar), I was able to fulfill one of my long held dreams on this recent trip to California. I was able to not only visit the Redwoods, but also fly around the forest on a series of Zip Lines called the Redwood Canopy Tour at Mt. Herman. Way cool!

Seminar was insightful and I am glad that I can still be a student at age 57. Important stuff was shared and I hope to be able to implement for the betterment of my fellow humans. I am writing a longer blog post on my conversion from redneck to tree hugger and that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Good to be back and hard at work making things better.


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