A Little History
Res-Q 1250 is a brand of Omega-3 Fish Oil or as N3 Oceanic the owners of the trademark like to call marine oil. Without trying to be funny, I have always thought of marine oil as the motor oil you put in a boat engine. But if you think of oil from fish in the sea, it does make sense.

The Res-Q brand has been around for 25 years or so. The original brand was Res-Q 1000 as the capsules contained 1000 mg of fish or marine oil with a high percentage of EPA and DHA the active ingredients that have been shown to help with heart health.

Later, the founder Dr. Shields (a PhD doctor, not a medical doctor) worked out a larger capsule, a 1250 mg capsule that contained even more oil. This made Res-Q 1250 unique for a time but harder to swallow for some people.

Interestingly, they also packed 200 capsules in a bottle without any particular reason except to make it different from a 180 count bottle that is available just about everywhere. If you were to take 6 capsules a day, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening, as recommended by Dr. Vagnini, spokesdoc for N3 Oceanic, you would need 180 capsules.

I am sure the company would like their customers to give some capsules away to friends and relatives so they pack 20 more in there, making it a unique size.

I began using Res-Q 1250 in 2005 and did quite well on the product and became an appointed reseller from March 2006 until January 2011. I figured what Jerry was to Subway, Garey could be to Res-Q 1250.

I like the product.

A Split
However, the company themselves were retailers, and made a decision to retail their own products without the help of resellers like me in January 2011. I was disappointed, but by that time, I had been to enough trade shows and had met the owners of several manufacturing companies like the ones used by N3 Oceanic.

What N3 Does Well:
N3 Oceanic in my opinion does really well in marketing their products by the use of doctor hosted radio shows. Their products are manufactured with a high standard and there’s not much variance from batch to batch, although Res-Q 1250 has a range of EPA/DHA that is unexplained. The Supplement Facts box says each capsule contains 680 mg to 850 mg or EPA / DHA. In a 1250 mg capsule that range breakdowns down from a low percentage of 54% (680/1250) of EPA / DHA and 68% (850/1250) EPA / DHA at the top end.

And Not So Well

I like their method of operation but I noticed in 2005, the second time I called in that their method of customer interaction was to try for the biggest sale possible. This is great for the company but not so great for the little guy, pensioners and the like.

As a business person, my job was to give great customer service and this included taking care of my customers to the best of my ability. This included taking care of seniors, military vets and others who need a little extra help from time to time. So that’s really the difference that I wanted to make by starting a business with Res-Q products then and now, continuing to run a business, outside of the Res-Q brand, as Optimal Health Bridge.

I think this is a fair accounting of what I’ve experienced.

Is there an Alternative to Res-Q 1250
What I decided to do was use another private label contractor and start my own brand. Risky? Yes. But I have a belief in holistic health and in Omega-3s in general. We bottle 240 capsules of 1000 mg strength at the percentage of 70%. That’s 700 mg of EPA / DHA in each capsule at the ratio of 400 EPA and 300 DHA. Both forms of Omega-3 are important. The brand is labelled under Optimal Health Bridge and the product is called True Omega-3. You can call it fish oil or marine oil, or even Omega-3 oil. It’s all really the same.

What to Avoid
What you want to avoid is the big box store variety of fish oil, especially if it’s bottled in clear see-through bottles. Those capsules, no matter what the label says, will be rancid due to the light entering the bottle and spoiling the oils.

A conscientious person will also want to avoid ‘food grade’ fish oil which arrives in the capsule so 1000 mg but the EPA/DHA values will be low, much lower, like 300 mg total EPA 180 and DHA 120. These oils usually cause burping or repeating and are unpleasant. What’s unpleasant, we humans usually will not do! So well-intentioned money savers who shop the big box stores might make an initial purchase but give up the daily regimen of taking their fish oil due to poor quality and unpleasantness. That’s really the problem and spending a few more dollars and take a good quality oil.

Both Res-Q 1250 and True Omega-3 will do the job of protecting cardiovascular health.

I hope this explanation helps.

Holistic health is actually a very simple concept and Omega-3 fish oil, no matter the label or name, needs only to be fresh and molecularly distilled. Res-Q 1250 meets these requirements as does True Omega-3.

Although I am not a doctor, and some of my best friends are doctors, I am well versed in trends in holistic health. I studied fitness and integrative nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and completed the certificate program from Purchase College in NY.

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