Res-Q 1250 Reviews and Comparison to True Omega-3 and Nordic Naturals

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5Used for Years
on April 28, 2010
This product was recommended to me by a doctor and within three months my cholesterol went from 228 to 154. That made me a believer and I’ve used them ever since and that was three years ago.

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1bad fish taste
on July 15, 2013
RES-Q 1250 is horrible stuff. I don’t know if it works, but it sure leaves you with a bad fish taste in your mouth and keeps you burping all day. I went back to Nature Made where you only need to take 1 capsule per day versus the 6 huge capsules per day you need to take with RES-Q 1250. Do not waste your money and buy RES-Q 1250 unless you want to be a sucker that burps all day.

Laura Wetterau  2 months ago

Optimal Health Bridge takes care of its customers in a professional manner – along with the fact that they will get your order to you in a timely manner, Garey Simmons will contact you personally if you have any questions or any special requests – the main thing is that Optimal Health Bridge genuinely cares about their customers and they show it with their customer service and appreciation – An excellent group of people to deal with – they truly aim to please and you can trust them to give you good advice regarding their products.

Sam: I have a success story for you. I started taking the True Omega 3 . Then after several months I changed my diet to Paleo and also started moderate exercise. For the past 20+ years my cholesterol has typically been in the low 200’s ranging consistently from 206-228. After adding True Omega 3, changing my diet and adding some exercise, in less than 6 months . . . I recently had blood work and my cholesterol dropped to 129! Leading a healthy lifestyle with True Omega 3 definitely pays off.

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