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resq1250monochromeIs it any surprise? We No Longer Sell Res-Q 1250 Brand Products

N3 Oceanic, the manufacturers of Res-Q 1250 brand products has made the strategic business decision to sell their products either directly through their toll free number or through professional channels that only offer their products. We respect their decision and respect their past involvement in marketing healthy alternatives for cardiovascular support.

Dear Customers:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we no longer carry the Res-Q brand of Omega-3’s and other Res-Q brand Nutritional Supplements at You can read my story about Res-Q 1250 here.

We do not agree that the RESQ brand should be the only brand made available to the consumer by resellers who service a wider market. Their claims of the purest, most potent, pharmaceutical grade products can be challenged. “Pharmaceutical Grade” is merely a marketing term. Years ago when they introduced their products they may have been industry pioneers, but today there are much less expensive and equally as pure, potent and beneficial Omega-3 supplements.

Optimal Health Bridge is committed to sourcing and offering alternatives that serve you, especially if you are on fixed income, a member of the armed forces, past or present, and seniors who are 62 or better. As a former Res-Q re-seller, we are committed to the original standards as set forth by N3 Oceanic in prior years.


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Listen to Garey Simmons

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