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True Omega-3 Mega EPA/DHA:
Basis of Good Health and Staying Sexxxxy!

What is it all about? It’s True Omega-3 on our new Auto ship Simplicity System. It’s a big deal because our new slick Auto ship system is so easy to use!
Big savings to subscribe now!

Hi, it’s Garey your friendly neighborhood Omega-3 protagonist.

My mission in life is to tell at least a million people that they don’t have to succumb to heart disease, stroke, or heart attack when all you have to do is get committed, be disciplined and form good habits. Sounds tough right? Well, I am talking about doing one thing twice a day and it’s all of 30 – 45 seconds to accomplish on a daily basis. Seriously, this is not hard, it’s not rocket science and it’s easier than brushing your teeth.

Here’s the reason we set you up on a regular auto ship plan: because you need to take these capsules every day and you want to stay healthy. You can’t afford to run out and you want to stay consistent.

When can you expect results? In 60 -90 days most people have a significantly improved blood lipid profile. Woo Hoo! I know it’s not as sexy as driving a Tesla and going from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, but you can still get excited about staying healthy and having a good life! It’s allowed.

Value of my proposition? Well, let’s just say Donald Trump’s 4 billion dollars can’t buy optimal health. And it only takes $34, $58 or $84 to get started on a one bottle, two bottle or three bottle auto ship package: All the details and links to click are here. For this small amount of money, you get the peace of mind you need knowing that you’re doing your best to stay in or near optimal health and you won’t be a statistic. Need I remind you that 1400 – 1700 Americans per day succumb (er, ah die…)from heart disease? It’s the highest single cause of death, but we won’t dwell on it, we won’t even think about it, because we are taking our 4.2 grams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids every single day, right on schedule.

The Proof is in the Pudding, which is in the testimonials we get from customers who are happy that their doctor is happy with their blood lipid profile and are not forcing them to go on statins. That’s a big Woohoo too! Why compromise your liver with statins? Especially when Omega-3 not only helps your heart, cardiovascular system, joints, and even your brain? This is the ultimate no-brainer.

Bonuses: We’ll give you your very own 7 Day Pill case (Approved for use by all the Associations) it’s valued at $3 but it’s yours free. I know that’s not exactly going to seal the deal, but we’re sincere! Also my very own updated, “The Skinny on Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Your Health” Report delivered magically right in your very own email box.

It’s easy to order. It’s easy to pay. (Because we are always trimming the fat and keeping prices low for high potency products) and It’s easy to reschedule, postpone or even cancel if need be. There’s no contract. There’s no upfront setup costs. Just order and we’ll do the rest.
I was at a crossroads in 2005 when I was diagnosed and prescribed and I said, “There’s got to be a better way.” And I found it. High Potency True Omega-3. Get with the program.
But don’t take my word for it. Ask someone credible, like Stan, First Gulf War Veteran US Air Force pilot: “If you go onto OHB’s Auto ship Simplicity Program (which I highly recommend) the price is the lowest you’ll find ANYWHERE and the shipping is free, paid for by the company to encourage your continued use of the auto ship program. This helps to keep everyone’s costs low, allows easy modifications and you never run out of needed nutritional supplements.”
I tried to make this easy. So bear with me while I explain each package has it’s own coupon:

  1. Bottle 240 softgels every 30 or 40 days… coupon: TRUE-240
  2. 2 Bottles 480 softgels every 2 or 3 months…coupon: TRUE-480
  3. 3 Bottles 720 softgels every 3 or 4 months…coupon: TRUE-720


It works great. I receive an email and then I can adjust when I actually need to have the order shipped. Email has worked great. Quick responses and everything promised was done.
– John M., IL Excellent

I have been able to continue with my regiment without delay knowing that my product will be shipped automatically and saving money in the process. My experience when needing to alter my plan has been easy. No problems at all.
– Gloria M. Excellent

Very flexible and accommodating.
– Richard T., Tampa, FL Excellent

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