True or False:

1) Peyton Manning Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

2) Ronald McDonald “Hates Big Macs, Says They’re Awful!”

3) 40% off  First Auto Delivery Order Through Memorial Day.

Sensationalism Sells.

Story #1 is TRUE, but not what it seems. A young woman named Peyton Manning was arrested in Nashville, TN on Felony Drug Charges while Denver Bronco QB Peyton Manning was giving the commencement address at UVA this past weekend.

Story #2 is true. I found a “vine” (if you never heard of a vine, ask anyone 13 – 16 years old) on the Internet where a Ronald McDonald clown is seen throwing his Big Mac in digust. Conversely, there is a commercial on TV from McDonald’s Corporation where 5 real people, all named Ronald McDonald, are “loving it.” Are Big Macs awful?  There are better ways to nourish your body. In a pinch, it will keep you from starving, but better to eat healthy.

Story #3 is TRUE. Today through Monday midnight, you can sign up for any auto delivery product found on our new auto delivery page for 40% off the first shipment with a committment to try the program for at least 3 cycles. Visit this page: Auto Delivery and choose one of our most popular auto ship products True Omega-3, Epicor, Resveratrol, or the Omega-3 Protocol and get a discount of 40% off the first installment. The coupon code is MEMORIAL.

The Offer applies only to the selected auto delivery products on this page. If you need help, call Garey 877-572-3444.


Have a great Memorial Day Holiday with your family.

Ill-Treatment of Veterans Leads to Unnecessary Deaths: Our prayers go out to the Veterans experiencing terrible treatment at the hands of the bureaucracy of the VA. While we are sure there are dedicated, good people working in the VA, it’s obvious to all now that some bureaucrats feast on the fat taxpayer funded salaries while veterans suffer and die. It has to change. We have shipped thousands of orders to our veterans at discounted prices over the years and will continue to do whatever we can to help our Vets thrive, and be well.

To the point on the need for leadership, watch Simon Sinek’s latest TED video on the qualities of leadership and our veterans.

Stay Healthy,


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