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Good Health is Formulaic
There’s not much mystery surrounding health… I know there are rare conditions and outliers situations that we cannot account for but for the vast majority, like 98.1% of us we can achieve good health and have a solid foundation for good health moving into our later years using this 4 part strategy.

Think of the 4 legs on a chair. Solid.

A chair with 3 legs can easily fall over.

Two legs you’ll be pretty wobbly and need really good balance.

A single leg, well it’s something to lean on when you’re milking a cow.

Exercise: Let’s cure this phobia right now. You are going to exercise today. That is if you get out of bed. When my great grandfather was in the hospital at age 89, he could not get out of bed. I went into his room and he was lifting his arms up above his head over and over again. “Grandpa, what are you doing?” “Exercising.” That was a smart man. At age 70, this man was still cutting the top meadows with a horse drawn mower and pitching hay into the barn by hand.

All you have to do is get out of bed, if you can and go for a walk. I heard a doctor say this, “Dog owners live longer than cat owners.” Really? There’s a statistic for that? “Did you ever try to walk a cat?”

Emotional:  This one is simple. Be with the people who love and support you and stick around the people you love and support.

Mental: This may be the most difficult muscle to exercise. We get bogged down in routine and start doing things by rote. Gin up your mental muscle by writing down 10 ideas a day. Now this would be impossible or nearly so if you had to write down ten GOOD ideas a day… that would be difficult. But the mental exercise is to write down ten ideas, bad ones are okay and count. If it’s a stupid idea, all the better. Now when you get the hang of this you can engage in an activity that may seem a bit scandalous. Engage in Idea Sex.
That is try to take any two of your ideas, good, bad or stupid and marry them together.

Who knows you might invent the next Gmail or something. “What if we could bring up email on a webpage and search it just like we search other webpages.” That’s what a Google employee did and then created a controversial threesome by adding ads to the email web feed which now brings in $12 billion a year for some company that we carry around in our pockets, on our phones. Idea Sex… sounds kinda kinky.

Or you can play scrabble.

Spirituality:   One word: Gratitude. When you don’t know what else to do, express gratitude to the people around you including the person you see in the mirror in the morning.

That’s health in a nutshell. You will probably notice I didn’t mention food. Ugh. You already know the drill on that one… avoid processed foods. Eat natural stuff. Veggies are good. Fruits okay. (Watch out for sugar even in fruit. Go for the not so sweet berries). Whether you want to go Vegan or Paleo just be grateful you have something to put in your mouth to sustain you. It’s eat to live, not live to eat. Enough said.

****(In fairness, I read about these 4 legs on the chair of health in a book. It’s called Choose Yourself by James Altucher. All the examples are copyrighted by me, don’t you dare share them with anyone! Okay share them with anyone you like. James gets credit for making me come up with ten ideas each day.  It really hurts my ego to write down bad ideas. James promises in six months, I’ll be a genius and fantastically rich if I keep at it. We’ll see.

I did have an idea in 2005. I wrote down how I beat high risk factors for heart disease by taking a high potency Omega-3 fish oil. I put up the page on the web. People found the page and Optimal Health Bridge was born.

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Marci and I at Optimal Health Bridge like you! We really do!

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