bigstock_woman_in_yoga_s_lotus_position_12155393Last night I went to my usual, weekly yoga class with Kim. 

As usual, she led us in a great, rewarding stretchy class. 

The room was full of students. 

Being that it was the first Tuesday of the month, after yoga, Kim 

led us in a Meditation. 

I do not meditate regularly and have the same troubles most 

people have in getting quiet. 

For some reason, last night, I connected the dots. 

I have heard this before from many teachers that God lives in the

spaces between. The vast nothingness that comprises most of the

universe has a stillness and power that is reserved for ….

You have to fill in the blank. God is a good word but much 

maligned. Spirit is a good word but not often understood.

Energy is a good word but lacks character. 

Power is a good word but lacks form. 

Anyway, the time spent ‘in-between’ is time to recharge. 

It’s a time to heal and gain back some power that is sapped from

your body by the busyness of daily living. 

That’s what sleeps for. That’s what meditation is for. That is

what prayer is for. 

I think I know where God lives. 


Best in health and wellness, 



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