Baby Boomers face several common health challenges. All of them can be treated with lifestyle changes. With a few diet modifications, a couple of supplement ideas and a very basic exercise plan, these challenges can be turned around.
High Triglycerides: Triglycerides are a blood fat that is part of the cholesterol cascade, but measured separately. Very high triglycerides can increase a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke. What to do: Eat more vegetables. Cut out sugar. Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption. (Limit to two drinks a week if under a reading of 500 mg/dl and stop drinking alcohol altogether if triglycerides are over 500.) Cut out highly processed foods especially high glycemic carbohydrates.
Supplement recommednations: All American Omega-3 1000 or True Omega-3 240. Take 3 -4 grams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fish oil daily. 
High Cholesterol: If you watch TV you have heard about Lipitor, Crestor, Tricor and many other statin drugs that can reduce the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol. Of course there is much more to the story. Cholesterol is measured in the blood fats function. HDL (high density lipoprotein) carries cholesterol out of the body and is therefore “good.” LDL (low density lipoproteins) is carrying blood fat into the artery system and can impact the build up of plaques. This becomes a problem if other inflammatories (alcohol, nicotine, other toxins)are exacerbating the issue.  Then there is the ratio of HDL/Total Cholesterol, which should be under a 4:1 ratio. Then there is the size of the cholesterol molecules and how they are impacting the artery walls. If they are big and fluffy, they don’t cause damage. If they are small and dense they can burrow into the artery wall causing more inflammation and plaque results.
What to do:  Eat more vegetables. Eat more fibrous foods. Eat whole grains in their natural form like rolled oats and quinoa. Once again, limit or eliminate high glycemic processed foods, anything with a long shelflife like potato chips. Anything that’s sold in the aisles of the supermarket, you have to be cautious and judicious about ingesting into your body. Learn to love getting those 30 minute daily work outs done. If you do decide to take a statin, always supplement with CoQ10, and Ubiquinol is the preferred fast absorbing form of CoQ10 and the only type we promote.
Supplement recommendations: Check out our Miracle Cholesterol Pack: A combination of Omega-3, Red Rice Yeast, Ubiquinol CoQ10.  Additionally, you can add Healthy Cholesterol, True Heart Balance Multi,  Daily FiberALA-ALC. Remember, statin drugs can cause liver damage, memory loss, and you must be tested every six months to insure you are not damaging your liver function. The most common complaint about statins is the muscle cramping that occurs. By interfering with the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol, statins also diminish the production of CoEnzymeQ10. CoQ10 is the catalyst for muscle energy and if you muscles don’t get enough, they will cramp.  Try diet, more exercise and natural supplements before going on statins, with your doctor’s agreement.
High Blood Sugar: 4,400 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every day. It’s growing to epidemic proportions. The greatest contribution to this problem is the increased use of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It’s in just about everything. People are shocked when I tell them that sugar is a toxin. It absolutely causes internal inflammation in the joints and organs. High blood sugar can lead to diabetes Type 2. Diabetes can lead to heart disease. It can also lead to blindness and loss of limbs. It’s not necessary in this day and age to let diabetes progress in that fashion. Interestingly, Americans consumed about 9 pounds of sugar annually in 1900. Today the number is over 150 pounds. Can you begin to see the problem?
What to do: Eat more vegetables. Reduce fried foods and baked goods. Eliminate high glycemic foods. Absolutely limit the use of sugar. Many doctors will encourage you to swith to zero calorie sweeteners which have as many risks as sugar, maybe more. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then switch to Stevia. It is a zero calorie sweetener you can use in coffee, tea, and in cooking. It’s widely available now on store shelves. I personally prefer the Trader Joe’s brand that is still sold as a dietary supplement. Yes, it tastes a little different and you can grow to love it if you give it a chance. 
Supplement recommendation: use Diacetinol. It’s 3 capsules a day, one capsule before each meal. This contains many herbal spices and ingredients that will naturally curb the negative affects of your carbohydrate intake.
High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure causes stress to your arteries and veins. It weakens the walls of the arteries. Aneurisms and blot clots can develop. 
What to do: Eat more vegetables. Practice stress reduction techniques. Yoga helps a lot. Doctors say to reduce the use of  salt  but it’s not really the salt you sprinkle on your food. It’s the sodium that’s included in packaged, processed foods. It’s the amount of sodium in some of your favorite restaurant foods that you have to be careful of. Cut down on processed foods, and eat more natural foods, like fruits and mainly vegetables. Romaine lettuce is 100 times better for you than iceberg lettuce.  Organic spinach and Kale are super helpful natural foods that will go far in reducing blood pressure.
Supplement recommendation: Hyperlose is our supplement of choice that helps to reduce blood pressure.
Hypothyroidism: If your thyroid becomes less active, weight gain and fatigue is the result. It’s important to control weight. Reducing calories alone may not be effective. You will have to be able find a way to do strength training exercises. As you build muscle it will help you to burn more calories.
Supplement recommendation: Thyroid Support. There are several ingredients that help support a weak thyroid but one in particular is Ashwagandha. Aswagandha  contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory and also have an immunostimulant effect.
Weight Management:  By far, weight issues are endemic in our society. There are many reasons for it:  Reduced activity at work and in our daily lives. Eating too many processed foods. Eating too much sugar and trans fats. Part of the solution is to reduce calorie consumption and eat high quality foods. If you have tried various diets and wind up yo-yo dieting, then you may need the help of a coach or some kind of accountability program to help you succeed. Here are some supplements that have been proven to help people keep weight off along with a sensible diet and exercise program.
Supplement Recommendations:

Exercise: No one likes to think about it but the very nature of the human body is meant for movement. One of the hardest, most difficult things we can ask of ourselves is to sit still. Anyone remember what that was like when you were a kid? It’s a big problem in schools unless the school program is built to incorporate free movement. For most kids it’s like running into a brick wall. Yep, that’s first grade. “Sit!” Along with the command, “Be quiet!” However by the time adulthood arrives we are fully conditioned to sit for long hours. We sit in our cars. We sit at our office desks. We sit in an easy chair to watch TV. We spectate instead of participate. I can say categorically, your health and wellness is greatly impacted by a lack of conscious movement. Do you like to dance? To Garden? Work on cars? Rake leaves? Go for a walk? Go for a hike in the woods? Exercise doesn’t have to be done in a gym! I surmise one of the best things about a gym membership is that you can join in group exercise activities. The nature of the group helps to propel you to better health and a greater commitment to your health. Buying a piece of equipment for your home for some reason just turns it into a place to hang clothes. Walking is probably the easiest way to get your exercise. The minimum commitment is thirty minutes a day at least 5 days a week. There is a way to get all the needed exercise in a shorter amount of time, but I will leave that for another article. 

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