Hey, you don’t want to put on 10 lbs between now and January 1st! “But how do I manage that?”, you ask. Here are my down and dirty weight managment secrets for the holidays:

  1. Eat small meals filling up on protein, veggies first.
  2. Drink mucho aqua! (a lot of water)
  3. Eat carbs only after completing step 1 and 2. You will eat less carbs and they will hang out in line waiting for the digestion train to get moving. This means slower absorption into the blood stream.
  4. Tie carb eating to exercise. This is a mental toughness exercise. You bind the two through your commitment. Piece of pie? Twenty minute walk (uphill is actually easier than downhill. Walk downhill and enjoy the added calorie burn.)
  5. Time your routine to only one binge day a week. In other words, make Thanksgiving, Office Party, Birthdays, Christmas, your one day a week to goof on your lifestyle commitments. The other six days, be good. Look forward to the fun and let the prosperity of family fun and happiness fill your mind, heart and stomach. “Mi estomigo es plena.  Mi corizon es contenta.” My stomach is full, my heart is content.
  6. Stick with your six inch plates for portion control, limit processed foods and high glycemic carbs to the bare minimum and eat eight raw almonds at 9pm. Brush teeth. Floss. Go to bed, enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Bonus: Follow these few steps and you may even shed a few pounds. Kick off the new year with a head start. Friends and co-workers will be envious and say, “How did you do that?”

PS> How and when to take your weight: The smartest way to keep track of your weight is to weigh yourself after the first bathroom visit when you get up. This will give you a constant to work with. Weight loss is part of a metabolic reprogramming process and taking weight once a week is sufficient only expect results to show if you are consistently applying at least one or two methods listed above.

PPS> This would be a good time to get on Diacetinol which is a blood sugar control and support herbal blend of ingredients. Taken 15 minutes before a meal, this small capsule will reduce the speed of carbohydrate to blood sugar conversion. It helps to reduce carb to fat storage. See Diacetinol for more information.

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