The beast of heart disease
The beast of heart disease

Conjure up in your mind the image of a terrible dragon. A man eating, life sucking demon that wants to eat you alive. That demon may be after your spouse, your husband or wife, maybe its after your son or daughter. What are you going to do about it?

February is Heart Health Month:

Heart Disease is mostly not genetic. Some of it is. But don’t let that take you out of doing what you need to do to change your health outcomes.

Heart Disease is self-inflicted. It’s lifestyle. It’s what you do to yourself. And what you don’t do for yourself.

It’s what you eat, how you eat, how you govern your actions by what you believe, how you move your body or how you don’t.

It’s how you sit around using the television to watch other people moving their bodies and you think you can vicariously benefit from them moving while you sit on the couch.

It’s slow motion suicide. It’s a choice.

Transformation happens from within. It’s what you decide and that forms your actions and your inaction.

I want to give you a discount to entice you to buy the heart health supplements you need. It’s going to be a big discount but I need your help and I need your testimonial. So the discount on all Optimal Health Bridge products is 25% til midnight February 14th. yes, that is Valentine’s Day. Tell your sweetheart you love her with some good health initiatives. That you are committed to being there for her/him as long as you live.

Ok, now you are St. George.

St. George mounts his mighty steed and rides to the rescue. Here is a tool to help you slay the dragon.

Twenty-five percent off all heart health supplements until Feb. 14th midnight.

“Do your worst demon of hell, I have Optimal Health Bridge on my side!”

Call Garey if you don’t know exactly what you should order. Leave a message if I don’t pick up.

I will help you slay the dragon of heart disease. 443-852-1000

February Heart Month Promotion with a Catch. I need your testimonial. 


Buy as much as you want to fill up your storehouses with heart health supplements.

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Health is really important. Do what you need to do to get healthy. Read this…


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