Garey says, "Smile"

Try this.

You’re at the gym or you are at work. Smile.

Take a moment to catch the glance of someone passing by and tweak a smile out of your face.

You will be rewarded!


The law of reciprocity: Give and it shall be given unto you. (Like the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s from the Bible.)

This isn’t giving to get. This business of smiling at people is giving just for the pure enjoyment of giving. Hard to call it giving but that is what it is. It’s giving a morsel of yourself to another human being whether you know the person or not.

I talk about nutrition quite a bit, those morsels that pass through your lips to sustain and nourish your body, to give you strength.

Yet there is another kind of nourishment that sustains the spirit of a person. It’s invisible. It’s comraderie. It’s brotherhood, unity, sisterhood. Peoplehood. (is that a word?)

People pass by you everyday. Take a moment, a brief second to illuminate the space with a smile.

The sun says, “Illuminate.”

The moon says, “Reflect back.”

The stars say, “Twinkle.”

The stream says, “Flow.”

The wind says, “Be cool.”

The trees say, “Be stout, be strong, but bend a little.”

I say, “Smile.”

It’s safe to try this at home.

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