High DhA Omega-3 500 DHA and 250 EPAWe have been working hard on keeping the higher DHA Omega-3 in stock. Then I found a  repected natural food and supplement company based in Chicago carried a higher DHA version of Omega-3. This product is not from Calamarine but from South American fish. It’s processed and purified to remove ALL impurities and the concentration is on the DHA portion. Each capsule of 1000 mg contains 500 mg of DHA and 250 mg of EPA.

Most oils except for Calamarine naturally contain a higher concentration of EPA.

So what’s the big deal about which Omega-3 molecule DHA or EPA is higher?

DHA is harder to make in the body. It’s 22 carbons compared to 20 carbons in EPA. ALA from flax seed is 18. So for our bodies to take an ALA molecule or a EPA molecule and try to manufacture DHA is very hard to do.

But that doesn’t exactly answer the question of why DHA is so important. To begin with your brain cells are structurally made from DHA. If you don’t get DHA in your nutrition, then your brain suffers. The retina of your eyes are also formed out of DHA. Certain hormones are made in the body from DHA. 

What happens if you need to make some brain cells and your body’s lacking in DHA molecules? Your body will subsitute other fats and try to make the cell membranes anyway. Think of the stories you’ve heard from China, where the contractor is building a bridge or a dam and uses inferior materials, more sand, less cement to build the dam. At some point the structural integrity is compromised. The dam collapses under pressure and the lower lying towns flood and people die.

As you know, not all fats are the same. There are different types of fats for different purposes. But for our brains and our eyesight and our heart health, we need DHA. Yes, we need EPA too and it’s synergistic in its usage.

Who should be taking more DHA? Pregnant mothers for one.  Many experts agree that pregnant and lactating mothers should get some DHA in their system every single day. Your child’s brain development depends on it.

One expert Ray Crayon said the amount of DHA a baby gets through his mother’s milk or in formula is more important than what school the child goes to. You get his point. Give your child a real headstart in life!

Children with ADHD or ADD should be getting a regular dose of High DHA supplements.

Adults with ADD or ADHD, should be getting more DHA.

Anyone over sixty with any family members who have suffered from any sort of dementia should consider High DHA Omega-3. Structurally, it’s best to keep the wiring of our brains well insulated. High DHA is a great place to start.

This bottle has 90 capsules, and I suggest you take 3 a day.

Buy one bottle for only $24.99 and the quantity discount is buy three bottles for $66, or $22 each. If you have a coupon, you may also use your regular coupon for further discounts.

Buy One Bottle for $34.99 *only $29.99 *Save $10.00. Each bottle contains a one month supply.

Buy Three Bottles for $22.00 each or $66.00 for three. Save a lot!


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