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Dear OHB Customers,

We are about to enter into the FALL season and with it comes weather change; our bodies will change and our needs change. Gone are the Summer days of high humidity and excessive heat. It can be awkward and the flu virus season is starting early, experts say.

Everyone it seems is pushing flu shots. Integrative physicians, medical doctors who practice more naturally say, “Not so fast.”  One medical university integrative MD said, “Eat well, take your supplements, and if you get the flu, you will only have a mild case and the antibodies you build will be much better than any flu shot.” If you must get a flu shot, I won’t tell you not to, however with or without a flu shot, there are certain practices you can employ to fend off high risk. And if you are wondering if I get flu shots, no.

Two supplements that are a MUST. Your humble servant Vitamin D3, (only $5.95 a bottle) is absolutely essential to pump up your immunity. Many hormones and vitamins cannot be made in your body without sufficient Vitamin D. You will not get enough vitamin D from the sun, even on a sunny day, because we don’t labor in the sun. We work in office buildings, drive to work and home in our cars; we stay indoors in our homes; we lather on sunscreen if we do venture outside. So take vitamin d, please.

The second supplement you SHOULD take is EpiCor ($24.95). This is a brewer’s yeast based supplement that has undergone a Metagen 4 process. Basically, it’s a way to help your innate immune system to build resistance to colds and flus, and quite mysteriously, it also synchs the immune system resulting in less reaction to potential allergens. In others words, if you are allergic to certain pollens, your body seems to know not to be bothered. Weird, but it really, really works!

My Endorsement:

  • I grew up a hay fever sufferer but not any more, thanks to EpiCor.
  • I had a lifelong allergic reaction to cat dander, but not any more thanks to EpiCor.
  • I have not suffered any flu bugs at all, zero days of work days lost since 2006, thanks to EpiCor.
  • I am very happy to be able to offer these two supplements in a convenient auto ship package.

See my offer on these two supplements below.

Nothing is ever stagnant.
Knowledge and advances in nutraceuticals are continuing. Nothing ever stays the same for very long. Look at technology. Do you think the Iphone 5 is the end game? Not on your life. Now we have the 5c, and who knows what the Iphone 6, 7 or 8 will be able to do? It’s a real concern of mine that the Iphone of the future will know so much about you that as you pass a store on the street, your Iphone will tell you that there is a sale going on inside, remind you that you really liked the jeans you bought there six months ago and recommend you go in to check it out! Don’t laugh, this will happen.

In the field of nutraceuticals, advances in naturopathy, homeopathy and fitness are made almost daily. We know more about exercise efficiency than ever. We understand the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit better than ever before. The pointers and indicators of human health and maximizing our potential have never looked brighter.

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Garey Simmons
President, Optimal Health Bridge

A Convenient Offer of Good Health:
>Three bottles of Vitamin D3 5000 and three bottles of Epicor: A three month supply of both products for a ridiculously low price of $0.60 a day.

Auto Ship Convenience Link with Free Shipping ($54 is all you pay, we pay the shipping.) As a convenience, repeats every three months, until cancelled: Click here.
I’m bragging on this a little bit when I tell you this but it’s the truth. We have clients who have been on this regimen for more than six years! Why? Because it works.

One time purchase:

  1. six month supply: $119.00 plus $5.95 shipping. Click here. *Six bottles of Epicor and six bottles of Vitamin D3 5000.
  2. three month supply: $63 plus $5.95 shipping. Click here. *Three bottles of Epicor and three bottles of Vitamin D3 5000.
  3. one month supply: $24.95 plus $5.95 shipping. Click here. *Single bottle of Epicor and single bottle of Vitamin D3 5000.

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