It’s not an easy thing to be a business owner, or even a human being. Very few people are born on third base. Most of us don’t learn to swing the bat until we watch opportunities fly by for a few years. Finally, someone yells “SWING”, you swing and you make contact. Wow, I am pretty powerful!
Stress is always with you and you have to take care of yourself.
Part of that is being emotionally and mentally ready for challenges. That also requires you to be physically fit. That requires you to be active and eat well and sleep well. If you don’t sleep well, you just create about 20 new problems for yourself.In psychology they call it “coping mechanisms” patterns of behavior to help you manage stress.Here’s a few positive coping mechanisms:
Prayer, meditation, taking time off, having fun, helping others, going to the gym, hitting a punching bag, calling a friend, establishing accountability buddies in your life, distraction techniques.But we also have negative coping mechanisms:
Stewing in self-pity, drinking excess alcohol, drugs, anything that numbs you, eating crap food. Not exercising. Researchers are now saying, “Sitting is the new smoking.”

What coping mechanisms are you using to handle the stress of being human? Here’s a clue: Start with physical fitness and increase your fitness by 5%. You’ll sleep better… you’ll want to eat better, it’ll start a chain reaction of good things.

Garey Simmons

If you don’t have a vitamin and supplement regimen, start with a plant based multivitamin and a high potency omega-3. True Omega-3 is on Amazon. The cornerstone of a healthy life.

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