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Consistency is the tiny key! 

It’s summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime! That’s a famous olllddd song by the Jamies, I believe. If you want to listen and watch click here (

So I have been on a journey, at age 57. I needed to do something about my exercise/nutrition regimen which has been on again, off again, gone again, Flannigan. (Have you heard the origins of that phrase?)

There are thousands of less than honest ads on the Internet promising you, the one tiny secret that will melt the pounds away. Uggh. Don’t bother…

For six months now, I have been on a slow carb, low carb diet. That means a slice a bread maybe once a week. I know that sounds painful, but the pain is represented here as LOSS. No one likes to lose. But in “giving up” bread/sugar/high glycemic carbs, I actually gained a lot. The real loss was extra layers of fat around the midsection. Yes, I can afford to lose that!

I gained an appreciation for high quality proteins (free range  chicken and grass fed beef)  and lots of vegetables (all kinds)  and legumes(lentils, chickpeas). Wow. I have learned to appreciate my own kitchen and now can easily drive right passed Quizzno’s, Subway, Wendy’s and make my own lunch at home.

So  this morning I weighed in at 171.8 lbs with 13.5% fat, 41% muscle mass. Contrast these numbers with 185 lbs, 20% fat, and 38% muscle. This is on a 5’8″ frame, with no hair.:-)

What’s worked for me:

I read an article by Ray Hinesh, one of our local Baltimore radio health doctors. It was in the Health Quest newspaper. It’s a print publication with no online presence. (Note to self: We have to fix that and soon.)

In Ray’s article he describes interval training as being the most efficient form of exercise. Some call it burst training. Here it is in a nutshell. I downloaded a free Android app called my Interval Training Pro. It’s a free app. You can set all the variables but it’s a period of high intensity, a period of low intensity and then you set the number of reps, a warm up and a cool down period. Really basic.

Here’s my program:

High intensity – 20 seconds (for me its sprints)

Low Intensity – 60 seconds

Reps 12 if its over 85 degrees and 15 if its under.

So here is the psychology. I work hard for 20 seconds sprinting, then I walk for 60 seconds, what a nice reward for working hard. Then my smart phone buzzes “HIGH” and I sprint again. I can accomplish my work out in less than 25 minutes including warm up 120 seconds and cool down 120 seconds.

Ray didn’t have room in his article to explain why this works so well and here is my understanding of the process.

When you burst into a high intensity activity, you release adrenaline. We all know what that feels like. It’s a rush. What really works well is when I am bursting passed a fence with a growling, barking dog, then the rush and the speed really amp up! The fight or flight response.

Now the adrenaline unlocks an amino acid called leptin that is the keeper of fat. Fat will not be released for energy usage unless leptin says its cool to do so.

Once the fat is released, it keeps burning for several hours! That is the key. 20 seconds of hard work a few times and boom, you are burning fat for hours. In clinical tests, one group of bikers used the high/low interval routine for 45 mintues, test subjects were still burning fat 24 hours later. The other group of endurance bikers who were not intervaling had a much lower fat burn. Cool? Work less, burn more.

I also worked up from 3-4 times a week to a daily practice. I like the consistency of the daily practice and the pounds are melting.

The other big change is in how I eat.

I am not necessarily recommending this but it’s what I have been doing. It’s not perfect or consistent and maybe will never be!

I start my day with coffee, I like the taste. Take my morning dose of Omega-3s. Do my interval training. Mid-morning, I have begun using a protein powder-veggie powder, banana drink which satiates my appetite til lunch time or beyond. I make a high protein meat and veggie meal (no carbs) in the early afternoon. Nuts and a small amount of dried fruit in the afternoon. Dinners are sketchy, depends who is cooking, if anyone. 😕 But a romaine salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar usually is just right. Throw in some carrots, green peppers, or yellow, some dried cranberries, yumm. Once in awhile it’s a fully cooked meal, just depends. But certainly I don’t eat too much after 7.30pm.

Supplements: I am on the Omega-3 ProtocolI also use the Multi, a group of supplements called PAGG developed by Tim Ferriss, DHEA 25 mgs., GlutathioneExtra Vitamin CFlush Free NiacinVitamin K-2 ,NattoKinase and EpiCor.

I know it’s a lot.

If you take an Omega-3, a Multi and a basic immune support like Epicor, you are doing well! Believe me! You are ahead of 90% of the rest of the country! I just thought it might be interesting to see what kind of results I am getting. Just consider me your pet guinea pig!  😀

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