Dr Joseph Dispenza brings the body that is in the mind and the mind that is in the body together to enlighten us to what breath really does… fascinating. Please feel free to watch this here or go over to Youtube. I’d like you to comment here below if you can. I copied some of the reactions from youtube as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQp5GSbO4V8 


Pele sch
16:59 – the actual method
Sumana Kalra
he is a genius, i am doing the breath work but this explain the every detail of the work, Dr joe gives with such abundance, he doesn’t hold anything back. i am hoping to see him this year for an advance workshop.
nono basuoni
Thank you very much, i needed some clearance on the breathing and now have, thank you
I went to first 7 days advanced work shop in Taragona in Spain and took me 2,5 months of every morning at 4 am Pineal Gland breaths meditation to pop out for the first time and it was great experience and now Im able to get out of the body 5-7 breaths each morning. So don’t give up it takes every morning effort . It’s Brain Orgasm’s and I get biological upgrade thanks Dr Joe Dispenza
Marcela Talmazan
I absolutely love you,thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge
Makabi a'Kivuvu
I think he’s describing scientifically what Neville Goddard describes from the bible, to be born from above. Look up Neville in youtube. We are ONE?
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