Garey Simmons, Nationally Certified Health Coach

Give us a call now at (877) 572-3444 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Be aware though, regrettably, we cannot work with everyone that comes along.

In order to work with us you must

  1. Be hungry to make the needed changes.
  2. Be coachable. If you think you already know everything we won’t be able help you.
  3. Be willing to commit for 3 to 6 month regimen so we can show you the results…If you meet these criteria, call now and we can help.

I look forward to helping you access the health potential you already know you have and making this year your best year ever!

Garey Simmons
Optimal Health Made EZ

I’ll help you to reduce risk factors, live healthier and enjoy life more. I may not be able to solve all your health complaints, but I will put you on the path to better health and 80% improvement is what I strive for. Otherwise I will refer you and guide you to other practitioners. This is my commitment to you. Call me. Thanks! Three months from now, your only regret will be you didn’t call me sooner.





Those are reasonable and common questions. I’ll answer the second question first. Yes, the coaching is really FREE so long as you meet the criteria I’ve previously outlined – being hungry for change, be coachable, and being willing to commit for 3-6 months so you can see the results I’ve promised come to fruition. I suppose the most  “cautious” readers may think I’m just trying to “push” my products.

If you know ANYTHING about me or have read my emails for a few months, I think it will be abundantly obvious that I’m not a “hard sell” person and my motivation is authentic. I was on the path to dying prematurely by coronary disease and was able to reverse it entirely. Prior to that time I had been a missionary for many years. Helping people is what drives me to press on – to move forward each day and somehow validate my purpose for existence.

My big WHY (purpose) is to be the best me I can be. To be a conduit for love, grace and compassion. To be the best son I can be to my mother, the best father I can be to my children, to be the best coach I can be to my clients.
There’s a more spiritual side that also drives me to help people, and I’m happy to chat with you about that if you want to. But not everyone believes in spirituality, or shares my personal beliefs; and that’s fine. Just because we may not agree on spiritual issues doesn’t mean you aren’t important. I want to help everyone who is open to a better, more healthful life. That’s simply part of who I am.
It’s true that anyone I coach will be purchasing a modest quantity of supplements for their own benefit.

If you peruse our website you’ll find there are numerous products that may improve your health. You’ll find that as your coach I will ask you to take only a few – the most critical supplements. If you want to take additional supplements I’ll be happy to talk to you about the results and benefits you can expect. In some cases you’ll be surprised to find I recommend saving your money and NOT purchasing additional products.

My recommendations are driven solely by what you want and need – not by my business objectives. Whether or not we chat, I wish you well and hope something I’ve conveyed in this report will provide benefit to you. Ready to pick up the phone? 877.572.3444, I am here for you.