Some Truth Mixed with Lies. I think that was Adolf’s formula, was it not? Maybe it’s the formula that guides most (all?)  governments, health care agencies and big business. Maybe I am becoming a cynic. 

I actually spent 45 minutes going through the new, extra long, quick draw sketch video called The American Parasite produced by a company selling a highly touted probiotic, KeyBiotics.  In case you are wondering, the graphic artist who illustrates these videos earns about $1000 per minute of graphically designed video. This video would have cost between $30,000 and $50,000 to make. I am sure the advertising budget for web related advertising including NewsMax email lists etc, is much greater. For this to be on the web for several months means that enough people are buying Keybiotics to make it worthwhile.

The fact that I am responding to the video may elicit more views of the video but I am going to guess less than 10% of viewers make it all the way through to the end. It’s just too damn long.

It’s direct response marketing using as its main tactic, fear, to drive a viewer to becoming a buyer of this magic pill that will defeat the evil demons of candida and sugar, similar to the 7 plagues of Egypt in the Old Testament. Keybiotics is the arch angel that will deliver you from death and restore your health.

It’s a worthy attempt at educating people about modern foods, the complicity of the FDA in approving sugar substitutes without firm safety issues addressed and in spite of toxicities being well-documented but ignored.

Recently, I was at a party and a mom was giving her 3 year old diet soda to drink. I nearly choked on my grilled Morningstar Veggie burger! (Ok, maybe I was really eating a Hebrew National).

In that the video scares the bejezus out of people about using sugar and aspertame as a part of daily nutrition, I applaud that. However, the misinformation is abundant and applied often, slathered on I say like relish and mustard on a hot dog.

Whole foods or processed foods? Go with the whole natural, organically grown when and where you can. Your body will thank you.

Sugar by any other name is still sugar and addictive and toxic. Make no mistake about that. The sweetness of sugar or splenda or equal (aspertame) or sweet and lo, affect certain receptors of the brain. The same receptors that cause addiction to cocaine and heroin. It’s the pleasure receptors. The fact that sugar has calories and artificial sweeteners do not, makes no difference except the zero calories sweeteners are more insidious, they’re synthetic (never a good thing) and the brain is not fooled. It senses sweetness and expect calories. So where are the calories? You drink a coke zero and then what? You reach for something else. Potato chips. Betcha Can’t Eat Just One! Pretzels, candy, anything to satisfy the message the brain is sending out, “Where’s the f—ing calories?”

Taking one keybiotic capsule a day, a magic pill that will help you stop eating processed foods and become wholesome and healthy in your eating habits? I think not.

IF you were to use the catalyst of taking a probiotic as the jumping off point along with cleaning up your kitchen and learning how to make better food choices, then yes, give it a try. Those actions will have a benefit. Any probiotic will have some benefits. But there are plenty of reputable and good companies that will sell good probiotics, including mine.

Candida is yeast nothing more, nothing less. And yes you are infected. You won’t believe what your gut storehouses! But being overweight and overrun with candida is more myth than fact. A fast from junk food, processed food, candy, white flour and yes sugar will do everyone good. I recommend a long weekend to get a 3 day fast started. If you can reach 7 days without consuming sugar you will be cured, if you want to be. You won’t have to go back to the sugar habits if you have learned about vegetables.

I’ve insisted for years that people that work with me in a coaching environment not eat processed foods as much as is humanly possible, journal what you eat and journal how you feel after eating. This will reveal a lot. I recommend using organic stevia for sweetening your tea or coffee, cut way back on processed carbs. Complex carbs are great, healthful and low glycemic. (Beans, legumes, lentils). Oh and by the way, you will lose weight. That’s guaranteed.

Candida is not a snake, a munching worm, not a parasite and it will never go away. Your immune system will keep you in balance and healthy if you will follow a healthy diet. Jesus said, “By their fruits, you shall know them.”  Get rid of synthetic foods, get rid of brown and white foods when and where you can, and eat the colors of the rainbow.

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