cureLet’s be real. Unless you were in the room with Thomas Duncan the index patient, your chances of contracting Ebola are zero. I know that Ebola is deadly serious and seriously deadly. However, bear in mind no one in Thomas Duncan’s family or the people he stayed with in Dallas have been infected. It’s probably a crime of gross negligence that Ms Pham and Ms Vinson became infected. It ought not to have happened and it’s important that the public and the media hold the government accountable for serious lapses like this.

But if you are reading this, you have zero chance of catching Ebola. Further down, in this article, I will link to an article from Forbes,

Why Americans Still Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Catching Ebola

It’s not going to happen to you.

However, you may catch a whopper of a cold as the seasons change. You may catch the flu with or without a flu shot. The ONLY prevention I know of is building and maintaining a robust, healthy immune system. In 2010, 53,000 Americans died from the flu. Those who died were already weakened and the flu did them in. Their immune system was not in top shape due to:

1. Other illnesses present

2. Poor nutrition or inability to absorb proper nutrition

3. Lack of exercise – seriously

4. Weakened Immunity due to poor gut health.

Yesterday I sent our a hastily written email proposing a set of inexpensive supplements that can radically improve your chances of not catching any of the above. I will repeat that offer here:

Here’s my “Ebola” package: I am not making claims like the other guy that it’s going to give you complete protection but let’s just call it your “inner hazmat suit.” Of course this is simply based on common sense naturopathic values. There is no cure here. This is prevention and precaution and no claims are made as to how your body will react to invading virus or pathogens. One client I spoke with recently had been on Epicor, lapsed for a few months and caught a whopper of a cold. She’s back on Epicor now. Let’s stay healthy.

Epicor – the best booster of Natural Killer cells I’ve found

Vitamin C 1000 mg Enhanced with Quercetin

Vitamin D3 5000 IU – also strengthens the innate immune system.

Advance Probiotics – to help with your gut health *80% of your immune system resides in your gut.

OPTIONS: Buy Now…This package retails for more than $50, but not for you:

—-Get all four of these products for $39.95 + shipping – One time purchase.

—-Quantity discount: Buy three months for $99. + shipping.

—-Get this package on Monthly Auto Ship for $33 with shipping included.

—-Get the 3 month package delivered every 3 months for $93 with free shipping.

Read: Why Americans Still Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Catching Ebola

Further, I add that if you want to stay safe, wear your seatbelt in the car and make sure your children do too. If I start sharing statistics of dangers you face, we’ll be here all day. Don’t worry, take needed precautions and stay positive, grateful, caring and giving. That’s my two cents on the matter.


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