The Flash

Pay attention to the Flash. The flash of inspiration. Sometimes it’s just a fleeting thought. Capture it. Don’t let it get away. It’s kind of like reading the tea leaves. The hints are everywhere and all around us.

sleepThe flash usually comes early in the morning. Those first ten minutes when you are moving from the unconscious sleep state to the awake state.

As you may have heard or read somewhere, there is a lot going on in the subconscious state we call sleep. There are many health functions, systems reporting in. Signals are being sent to help the immune system keep you in a healthy state. This is all happening almost invisibly on the biochemical level. Yet there is more to it than that.

brain1There is the subconscious mind. You may have dreams. Sometimes it’s the plethora of daily business that is seeking expression and sometimes there are emotional needs that are seeking expression. Then there is inspiration and problem solving. This is where it can get fun, fast.

If you haven’t tried this in a while, I recommend taking a big gnawing problem and present it to your subconscious mind just before sleep. If you want or desperately need a solution, then you could even take it a small step further and journal about it. State the problem as a question to your subconscious.

Control Emotions.This works. It works whether you are God journaling or if you call the Unknown “Spirit” or if you just refer to your subconscious as the doorway to universal consciousness. Or you are just tapping into your own amazing humanity. The allegory or framework we use seems almost irrelevant. It’s really just an awareness that the mind is powerful, full of wisdom. If we make the effort to tune in, listen and utilize this innate resource, then … there are no limits.

We all learned early in our schooling that there are a great many forces and energies that are not seen with our human eyes. We can only ‘see’ a small part of the spectrum of light. We can’t see what it is that makes our smart phones ring. Apparently, there is a signal sent through the atmosphere that is dialed in to our particular device and it will ring when someone is trying to reach us. It’s unseen. But for us to be able to get the message, we must have our device powered up, the buzzer or ringer has to be on and the cell tower in our region also needs to be powered and maintained. Oh, and we must pay our bill!

Expression. Senior Woman Model with Garden Roses. Springtime

So when we take the time to ask for wisdom on a situation, we must be attuned to get the message. Most times, if you are seeking an answer in the evening hours and you ‘sleep on it’ there will be new information for you in the waking hours. The key here is to be willing to listen to it, take the time to pay attention and if warranted jot down a few notes, so it doesn’t escape into the ether with the call from the divine going unanswered. This article is an example of just such an event. I got the words, “The Flash” early in the morning. Then I let it take me where I needed to go.Senior couple out walking the beach at duskThe Flash is just a phrase for “connection.” It’s a slice in time, can happen in an instant but what occurs once the connection is made, it can be a calling of a lifetime. Just think about the very first person Mother Teresa collected off the street in Calcutta under a flash of inspiration, what a lifetime of achievement she entered into. What a movement and empire of love she fostered by listening to her heart, her instincts, her gut. What are you hearing in the early morning moments? What motivates you? What solution are you bringing forth?

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