fatdocI owe you an update. 

Last year on November 1st, my blood test revealed some remarkable bad habits and slippages. I was back into eating bread. Lots of it, I weighed 178  lbs in my skivvies. Dressed and at the doctor’s office 185. At 5’8″ I was 20 – 30 lbs overweight and well into the overweight category according to the BMI. (Body Mass Index) 

I knew better. 

I had just graduated from a year’s worth of study on nutrition, with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

I was a certified health coach, passed all the exams. And look at me! 

Just like those overweight doctor cartoons, I was smack dab in the middle of “…do as I say not as I do.” 

The biggest problem was not the eating or the weight or even the lousy blood test. 

The biggest problem was my integrity. 

The inside of me and the outside of me were not aligned. 

I have had plenty of experience being out of alignment, ask my chiropractor. 

It hurts. 

It really hurt my heart and my spirit to be so out of whack. 

Fortunately, when you really get down, and are scraping the bottom of the barrel, it’s a great place to be. 

It means there is no where to go except up. 

It’s time to pivot.  Spin, pivot, make a move. 

Time to get some results. 

My triglycerides had shot way back up to over 450. Damn! 

Excuse my French. 

I wanted to do a kitchen detox. 

A kitchen detox is where you put on your favorite feel good music. Ratchet it up. Get the vibes humming. Then, 

throw away all the junk in the kitchen.

Every bit of it.

frito-lay1All the gook, all the nonsense processed foods. Make it a stunning reversal so you can’t eat that gunk, junk, bunk. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately however you choose to look at it, I couldn’t do that. 

I have two of my kids living at home. They’re adults, sort of. (don’t worry they will never read this, cause I don’t post stuff to instagram) 

I had to do the lifestyle change with the bread still in the cupboard. 

I had to cut out carbs and really consider what proteins I was going to eat. 

I had to look at the quality of the food I was going to eat. 

I had to learn to imbibe MICRO nutrients. 

Yes, the other word for micronutrients is rich, dense vegetables: Dark greens, colorful peppers, spinach, kale, romaine (not iceberg) lettuce, chard, carrots, stuff that has vitamins, fiber. Don’t forget brocolli. Steam it. 

Americans, me included on November 1, 2012 ate 95% MACRO nutrients. CARBS, FATS, PROTEIN. 

Let me translate: Fried chicken on a toasted bun with super sized french fries please. Oh, hold the lettuce and pickles please. Slather on some ketchup please. (Do you know how much sugar is in ketchup?) Oh, make it a diet coke, cause I am on a diet. Are you kidding me?

I knew:

if I could eat 50% micro and 50% macro, I would lose weight. 

if I could induce a state of ketosis, I would lose weight. (eat less calories, than I burn) 

if I could find an exercise program that I could live with, I would lose weight AND gain muscle. 

So, I did. 

Now, let me explain something peculiar to me and maybe a million Americans.

I have a condition bestowed upon me by my ancestors. It’s hereditary. 

I can’t eat sugar. Oh, I can eat sugar. But I can’t assimilate it like a normal human being.  

If I eat one teaspoon of sugar, it’s like adding ten teaspoons for a person with a normal metabolism. 

My diagnosis is Metabolic Syndrome. 

I can’t eat sugar. 

Bread is sugar. 

Processed foods are sugar. 

I don’t care what the label says on the package. You can make up all the polysyllabic words you want.

It’s still sugar:

  • barley malt
  • beet sugar
  • brown sugar
  • buttered syrup
  • cane-juice crystals
  • cane sugar
  • caramel
  • carob syrup
  • corn syrup
  • corn syrup solids

That’s just a small taste of it. 

  • date sugar
  • dextran
  • dextrose
  • diatase
  • diastatic malt
  • ethyl maltol
  • fructose
  • fruit juice
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • glucose
  • glucose solids
  • golden sugar
  • golden syrup
  • grape sugar
  • high-fructose corn syrup
  • honey
  • invert sugar
  • lactose
  • malt syrup
  • maltodextrin
  • maltose
  • mannitol
  • molasses
  • raw sugar
  • refiner’s syrup
  • sorbitol
  • sorghum syrup
  • sucrose
  • sugar
  • turbinado sugar
  • yellow sugar

Of course on processed food labels, there will be 10, 15 or even 20 or more ingredients. 

If a package has more than five ingredients, or if it has words that you have never uttered in your life, don’t eat it. It’s junk, bunk, skunk. 

Just say no. 

Thank you Nancy Reagan. 

Now, the truth be told. All that work, all that dieting helped.

My six month blood test came in at 244 triglycerides but still dangerously high. 

Since I have a condition that doesn’t tolerate even a raisin, I needed help. 

More help than diet and exercise alone. 

Enter two amazing supplements: Berberine and Benfotiamine

Basically, I had to find something that would tweak my genetics. 

I had to ask my genes to express themselves differently.

Having done the best I could, I needed a fix. The fix is in. 

With Berberine, my triglycerides came down to 165. Still high since 150 is the “allowed” number. 

But hey, 165 is better than 450. I’ll take that. 

Now, I’ve added Benfothiamine. This is a synthetic vitamin that is used as a precursor to the vitamin thiamine. 

With more thiamine, guess what? 

When I encounter a carb, my body has more intelligence and shunts it along a better pathway, it’s no longer an automatic triglyceride enhancer. 

So this morning, my scale says 158 with 40% muscle mass.

My inter and intra cellular water is superb.

My blood pressure is superb.

Total cholesterol 159.

And no one can ever guess I am turning 60. ha@ Vanity of vanities. Don’t laugh. 

========Garey’s Ten Commandments to Change your Life========

  1. Find an accountability partner to help you. 
  2. Stop all sugar, use stevia (truvia is available at the supermarket.) 
  3. Stop all high glycemic carbs. (Bread, pasta, rice) 
  4. Eat nuts.
  5. Eat carrots.
  6. Eat Greens, lots and lots of them. 
  7. Limit eating time to 8 – 10 hours a day. Fast 14 to 16 hours a day. 
  8. Eat small meals. 
  9. Lunch eat a caesar salad with salmon or grilled chicken. Limit the dressing. 
  10. 50% of your plate should be veggies/legumes for dinner. 
  11. Use a 9 inch plate instead of 12 or 14 inch.  (11th commandment is a bonus.) 


Now, let’s talk exercise. bummer. I know. 

How would you like to complete your exercise requirements in say 16 minutes a week, spread across 7 days? 

Yeah, that’s the next article. Just hang in there. 

What did you think of this article?  Please respond. 

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