True North Principles hold their value across the broad spectrum of life.

Consider this:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Yes, we have the power. It’s within us.

Something to think about.

This goes hand in glove with our body’s ability to heal. Don’t take it for granted. In fact, I want you to stand in awe of your own power to heal.  Once we start on the process of cleaning up our eating habits, our lifestyle issues, it’s just amazing how well things can start working properly again.

True North Principle: Commitment Leads to Success.

Persistence at doing the right thing pays off in the long run. Short term sacrifices leads to long term gains. This can be seen in sports, in any sport. My favorite player in football is probably Peyton Manning. He handles success and defeat with the same amount of passion. He plans, practices, mentors and teaches, then he performs. Is he the best passer in the NFL? No. Is he the best NFL player doing TV commercials? Maybe. Can he lead a team to victory? Yes, he can. He demolished the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore last season. That was the Ravens last loss before moving on to win the Super Duper Bowl.  But it was pivotal for Joe Flacco. Peyton’s mountain, Flacco’s valley.

In the playoffs, Baltimore was losing to the Broncos in Denver. Peyton was winning. For Flacco was lose and go home. Win and go on. Except for one well placed 70 yard pass in the mile high city, it would have been Peyton moving on and Joe Cool cooling his heels.  Flacco’s even keeled disposition makes it impossible to know if he won or lost the game when he is giving the post game interview. There is something to learn from everyone. Sports is the only reality TV shows that I care to watch!  Glean your True North Principles from all comers. The lessons are there if you are watching. 

As unglamorous as our mundane lives can be, the same principles that guides Mr. Manning and Mr. Flacco can bring success to little ole you and me.

Since this is a True North Principle, it can be applied to whatever interests you or tickles your fancy. It could be scrap booking or sliding a granite puck across the ice in curling. The very cool thing about humans is our diversity. But True North Principles apply to all sectors and modalities, all sports, all outcomes.

So how does this relate to your health? Be persistent in your ideals about health. Whatever those ideals are. I am very “religious” about what I eat. Most of  my life I wasn’t. Without planning and preparation, without awareness of how I was caring for my body, I got into trouble. My epiphany came with the dreaded heart disease diagnosis. My valley. But it brought out my resolve to learn about health and study nutrition. Now I am committed to eating clean. Now I am committed to my supplement regimen. I keep testing, tracking and trying new things to get better results. The results have paid off. 

I was explaining to a friend that the mountain peaks and the valleys are what keep life interesting. It’s the Yin and Yang of life. It always feels better on the top of the mountain overlooking the valley, you have a feeling of “being high” having a commanding overview. In the valley it gets dark earlier. More bugs and sludge in the valley. But the tests of defeat, like being in a valley, tests our will, resolve and our determination. These are important lessons to learn. This type of learning enables us to to get back to the mountain top.

What True North Principles have you noticed in your life? Care to share?

What commitments have you made? What results have you gotten? Leave Your Reply Below. 

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