Here’s a recent headline from Dr. Russell Blaylock:

Pharmaceutical Industry Profits from Sickness

big-pharma_0His premise is simple. There are many financial reasons to suppress natural health information and to even spend money to disprove the benefits of supplements. It happens all the time and the hapless health journalists just repeat what is published in press releases from the large companies.

Not just pharmaceutical companies but also insurance companies, hospitals and even colleges and universities have a vested greedy-ins-cosinterest in keeping people sick and sickly rather than keeping people in good health. Just think of the system that has been built and the competition over large multi-million dollar grants for “research.”

You probably already know and don’t have to be told that pharmaceutical drugs mainly seek to alleviate symptoms and don’t pay attention or bother working for a cure. If you cure sick people, then your customer base shrinks. If you simply alleviate symptoms, people have to keep taking your medicine.

Now, you might think, well Garey that’s great, but you want us to go on auto ship and keep taking your supplements. Yes, that’s true, but the difference is nutritional supplements are related to food. You eat every day don’t you? You’re not going to swear off food, even though modern day nutrition can make you sick, weaken your immune system and leave you susceptible to all sorts of illness. We try to eat “clean,” and do the best we can do with what is offered in our supermarkets.

drug-commercial-2Nutritional supplements have very little if any negative side effects but ALL pharmaceutical drugs have long lists of side effects. Just think of any pharmaceutical commercial you’ve seen recently. The visuals are wonderful scenes of healthy people running on the beach or enjoying a romantic moment, with wonderfully soothing music. All the while, an authoritative voice over is warning you in the most sublime way of a very long list of contraindications including heart attack, depression and possible death. (It’s hard to believe that anti-depressants have the side effect of worsening depression and even causing suicide, but they do.)

The effect is that we become numb and hypnotized to “go ask your doctor about…”

Get healthy, stay healthy and avoid medication unless absolutely needed.

I had a long record of not taking pharmaceutical drugs but recently I had a health challenge that defied my lifestyle and supplementation routine. Tests revealed nothing and I had to consult with several doctors until I was able to find a point where mind and body could agree.

In fact, it’s amazing but many (or most) illnesses are psychosomatic. They don’t remain “in the mind” but they certainly do manifest in the physical. “I’m telling you doc, the pain is in my foot not my head!”

If you are interested in learning about dividedminda very wild theory of health and how to deal with chronic pain, read Dr. John Sarno’s book, “The Divided Mind.” It’s not Pulitzer Prize material but common sense and pragmatic in its advice! Nobel Prize? Maybe.

Here’s an article I found astounding. Did you know that a Korean scientist working at Johns Hopkins has found a way to eradicate most cancers?

Why haven’t we heard about it? Money. Trademark and patents disputes.

Read the article.


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