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  • Alzheimer’s disease is currently at epidemic proportions, with 5.4 million Americans—including one in eight people aged 65 and over—living with it. There is no known cure, and few truly effective treatments
  • Research suggests the best hope is in prevention focusing on exercise and diet, specifically replacing carbohydrates with higher amounts of healthful fats, and moderate amounts of high-quality protein
  • Gluten sensitivity appears to be involved in most chronic disease, including those affecting the brain, because of how gluten affects your immune system. Glucose and fructose,(sugars) and carbohydrates can also have powerfully toxic effects
  • Preventing and treating neurological disorders requires severe restriction of gluten and casein. You also need to address your gut flora with the use of probiotic supplements.

What you need to do: Cut back on calories. Cut back on processed foods. Cut back on junk carbs. Cut back on sugars of all types including fruit, but especially junk food, candies and baked goods, and wheat products.

Replace with protein – vegetable extract shakes or smoothies, raw vegetables, sauteed or steamed veggies and clean protein with each main meal.

Exercise more: The good news is that all movement counts! Whether you are gardening, doing laundry, walking to your car, all movement aggregates towards your total calorie burn. Most of you reading this will have a basal metabolic rate in the neighborhood of 1200 – 1500 calories. A total calorie burn of 2000 – 2500 calories with moderate exercise. If you eat clean and avoid fast processed foods and lay off the bread and potato chips, you a better chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s and dementia in general.

For more information and hear Dr. Perlmutter interviewed by Dr Mercola, you can listen here Interview

Even if you don’t take antibiotics, you may still be getting antibiotics in your system from the meat you are eating. Not only that but residue antibiotics have been found in US cities water supplies. This apparently happens from people disposing of medicines down the toilet. Please dispose of unused or expired medicines safely. Even the police will collect unused medicines to keep them out of the wrong hands.

You know you’ve been had when you start singing along with the Coke commercials in their bid to fight obesity with Diet Coke sweetened with aspartame. I would never, ever consider taking a sip of a diet drink or chew gum laced with aspartame for a couple of good reasons. When the brain detects you are consuming something sweet, it alerts body systems to expect calories. If you drink a diet soda, you get zero calories but you begin to crave calories so guess what you do? You start snacking to get the calories you are missing. The overall consumption of calories goes up not down. Secondly, I am against synthetic molecules entering the body. Coke swears aspartame is safe but I think their studies are rigged to discount certain data sets. You can read more here: Coke is a Joke

Story at-a-glance

  • Coca-Cola Co. has launched a new ad campaign to assure consumers that its no- or low-calorie beverages containing the artificial sweetener aspartame are a safe alternative
  • There are no studies showing the use of diet drinks for foods lowers ones weight. In fact, calorie counting as a weight loss strategy has been firmly debunked by research.
  • It is far more important to look at the source of the calories than counting them. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calories, and artificial sweeteners cannot fool your body
  • Despite being promoted for weight loss, foods and beverages with artificial sweeteners have never been proven to help weight loss. In fact studies that look at this actually find artificial sweeteners promote weight gain
  • Research has also demonstrated that aspartame worsens insulin sensitivity to a greater degree than sugar, which is quite the blow for diabetics who obediently follow the recommendation to switch to diet sodas to manage their condition
  • Aspartame has also been found to cause cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and other tumors, in laboratory animals
  • salmon-bokchoy)Nick, one of my inner circle coaching clients cut the diet soda out of his routine at my request and has lost 35 lbs. He figures he’s saving over $500 a year and had plenty of extra money to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers group. Not only did the CSA deliver fresh veggies all summer, but they also held weekly cooking classes. Pick the veggies right out of the field, prepare a meal with a gourmet chef and eat together with friends. What a better way to live! Sure beats drinking a diet coke as you are rushing around.

When you want to lose weight, yes, you need to cut back on certain foods, but make it a lifestyle choice, rather than a diet. Replace the disallowed foods with excellent micronutrients which will make you feel much fuller and more alive, yes I am talking about kale, spinach, bok choy, etc.

Take an Omega-3 high in DHA (save 17%) and take pro-biotic (Save 25%) if you’ve had to take antibiotics. A few weeks ago IMG_20130827_113411_269I was bitten by a spider and my arm became swollen. It hurt like hell. After being told by a casual observer that this needs to be check by a doctor, I decided they were right. I took my first course of antibiotics in 35 years. And I am on a 3 month course of probiotics to get my gut flora back in order. Remember 85% of your immune system resides in the gut. If you are getting sick constantly, there is something you can do about it that is natural and powerfully immune boosting. If you need specific help, all you have to do is get in touch


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