If the world ends tomorrow, then all our problems are solved. The terrible injustices and atrocities will cease and heaven will replace what we have known before. All will be right with the universe. Brotherhood and solidarity with all life forms will overtake our human nature as we turn into super-human beings of enlightenment. Of course, it might not happen. Las Vegas odds makers are saying 5000/1. That’s pretty generous. Of course it’s 175,000,000/1 to win the lottery. What if you won the lottery, the day before the end of the world and didn’t have a chance to cash in your ticket?

There is a better than 50% chance that the world won’t end tomorrow. Just a hunch. The Mayans just ran out of paper or papayrus or stone tablets to carve on. They should have learned how to recycle. They were pretty good at human sacrifice though. I’ve seen Mel Gibson’s movie, so I know what I am talking about.

Of course the world did end for the Mayans long before December 21, 2012. I haven’t seen a Mayan around these parts in a good many days. On NatGeo and the History Channel, those Mayan pyramids are looking pretty decrepit. If we make it to midnight tomorrow, then we better have a Plan B. So should Congress. This locomotive called America is going over the fiscal cliff. Why? Because secretly, the grand bargain called government wants more taxes from all of us. 1% or 99% doesn’t matter, a poor man’s money looks the same as a rich man’s money. It’s just money, it’s just taxes.

The idea of being born free got lost somewhere decades ago and now we have to pay to be free. How does that work exactly? Just asking, that’s all.

Keep smiling, no matter what happens.  

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