Sometimes, it’s just better to tell the truth. If you try to be perfect, people will by nature try to find your flaws. If you tell people what’s really going on, then I think people will rally and try to help out.

The truth is that half of our customers live in the path of Stupid Storm Sandy. I know it’s Super Storm, but most will agree with me that there is a lot of stupidity with the lack of response, with charges of fraud, with the antiquated power grid that should have been buried underground long ago.  Gov Cuomo was blasting the power companies for running out of telephone poles. Great.  Why FEMA doesn’t have 10,000 generators on hand at all times, is a mystery. With their budget they should have 100,000 on hand for these types of emergencies. Maybe I am still thinking too small. How about 1,000,000 generators at the ready?

There is plenty of hardship to go around and there are plenty of communities pulling together. Heroes are born of adversity. That’s the nature of our humanity. Thankfully so.

A rather small unintended consequence of Sandy is that our daily sales have drop. I mean through the floor. It’s almost weird!  I know this is not the time most people think about supplements and vitamins. Prevention of health challenges is a long term strategy. In the short term, who has time to think about it with much larger short term consequences raining down on us?

However, since this business of Optimal Health is customer centered, customer supported and customer driven, I have to let you know that we are in a tought spot. I know things will get better in the North East. I know things will get better for Optimal Health. It’s time for tough minded optimism. Tough minded optimism is the cure for most of life’s problems! We need a certain number of orders daily to keep the lights on. That’s the way it is in business. Overheads are the costs of doing business. If it’s appropriate, please consider the offers below: We are pulling out all the stops in order to make it through this knothole! We would really like to have a bumper crop of orders to ship on Black Friday!

Be an Evangelist for Gratitude and Good Health

I am inviting you to become an evangelist for gratitude and good health with our Basic Health Gift Pack. Even when the cup is half empty, you know it’s still half full. It’s essential to remember our blessings. This gift pack is 50% off our regular low, retail prices plus bonuses on top. It’s important to get  your friends thinking about their health. It’s a really good deal whether you want to stock up on these products or what to use them for gifts this season!

Your Body is supremely intelligient

Your body is smart. It’s really a super computer making tens of thousands of calculations at any given moment. It’s a complete laboratory of chemical and biological compounds morphing hormones into vitamins, turning food into energy, responding appropriately to a hundred thousand stressful and complicated situations every hour. Your body is a gift. Yet there is a bit of work for you to do. The simple action of adding some powerful nutritional supplements can be the starting point of making a needed change for better health.

Basic Essential HealthEach of these products is worth trying for the family member or friend who needs an extra boost.  No one can make the case that a powerful Omega-3 daily will not beneficially affect mood and bring cardiac protection. It’s well established. Epicor is a product that every person should be taking to prevent colds and flu and to build immunity and control allergies. Honest to God, we have clients you are 72 months in their recurring auto ship order for this one product! It works! The plant based, vitamin rich True Vitality is an insurance policy for your micronutrients in case you are not eating as well as you should. Even in the best of times, our nutrition can only be described as woefully inadequate.

Each individual product retails for about $25 and can be had for $12 each with this pack. It’s really more than a 50% discount. I am including a free health coaching consultation, so that you or your relative or gift recipient can get some of their basic health questions answered. It’s important to get pointed in the right direction. The pill case will help the gift recipient to take daily action and be assured of at least a good chance of success with the program.  Anyway, that’s the concept and philosophy behind the idea. I hope it resonates.

More Amazing Discounts: Coupons for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Thanks100 – $100 off.

Thanks75 – $75 off.

Thanks50 – $50 off.

These 3 coupons are Dollar OFF coupons. Add to the cart all that you need for yourself and your family for the holidays. Maybe the Basic Health Pack isn’t exactly what you need. These coupons will reduce the price of any Optimal Health Bridge product by as much as 33%. Use Thanks100 if you can place $299 in the cart, that will qualify for $100 off instantly.

Use Thanks75 for any purchases reaching $225. It will reduce the cost by $75.

Use Thanks50 for any purchases of $150 or more. It will take $50 off right in the tally at checkout.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

I know these are hard times for many Americans. We have soldiers coming home scarred and war weary. Every job posting reaps 600 resumes, making it a nightmare for decision makers to figure out who to choose.  And it’s worse for the 599 applicants who never hear back from the application submission. Times are tough. Let me know what else I can do. Make an order today and it will be shipped quickly and with love in our hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish a joyous and Happy Thanksgiving to you. My gratitude is formed around this business that allows me to interact with you and gives me a chance to meets some of your needs. We are here with our whole hearts to do whatever we can to serve. Blessings all around to you and your loved ones. Stay warm, stay healthy, stay fit. Smile!

 Giving Thanks Always

Providence from a bountiful harvest!

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