No one wants to die prematurely from a condition that can be easily corrected.

A Simple Guide to Lower Triglycerides Quickly


Excess Fat in the Blood Equals Possible Stroke or Heart Attack!

High triglycerides are dangerous.

By Garey Simmons, CHC

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This is a high risk factor for heart disease and there are pharmaceutical (synthetic) drugs on the market that I do not recommend.


Because this condition is easily treated with a change in diet and the addition of one or two nutritional supplements.

Pharmaceutical drugs have unwanted side-effects and unintended consequences.

  • Reduce your sugar consumption.

Metabolic Syndrome which can be hereditary will convert sugar to fat and these fat cells will collect in the blood stream as triglycerides. Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar. Reduce/Eliminate white bread, white rice and potatoes as well. These contain carbs that are essentially sugars.

  • True Omega-3 is a high potency Omega-3 fish oil that can lower triglycerides

by using about 4 grams a day. We recommend our clients to take three 1000mg capsules containing 700 mgs of EPA/DHA (the active ingredients) in the morning upon arising and repeating three capsules in the evening before bed. This will give you 4.2 mgs of EPA/DHA daily and you’ll see your triglyceride number fall.

Do not rely on store bought Omega-3s that are usually only 300 mgs of active ingredient and you’d have to take 14 capsules a day to achieve a therapeutic dose.True Omega-3 can be had for less than 16 cents a capsule by ordering in quantity or going on an auto ship program.

  • Berberine: After three months if your triglycerides have not reached 150, then you can add Berberine, two capsules a day, one before each meal containing carbs. Learn more.


  1. One bottle True Omega-3 240 capsules every 30 or 40 days (Your choice) $39 -Free shipping
  2. Three bottles True Omega-3 240 capsules every 3 or 4 months (Your choice) $99 -Free shipping
  3. Non-Auto Ship True Omega-3 Quantity discounts Prices vary
  4. Berberine by Thorne
Compare Res-Q 1250 v True Omega-3

Lower Triglycerides Quickly and Naturally

Lifestyle changes—such as modifying your diet and losing weight—can potentially cut your triglyceride levels in half.

  1. Lose weight. …
  2. Cut the sugar. …
  3. Stock up on fiber. …
  4. Limit fructose. …
  5. Eat a moderately low-fat diet. …
  6. Watch the type of fat you eat. …
  7. Add omega-3 fatty acids. …
  8. Exercise.

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