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Ubiquinol Two Choices Now Available

To Soy or not to Soy that is the question

Recently we introduced an EZ swallow capsule as our main Ubiquinol product. It is 50 mg capsules with the suggested use of twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. This product like a million others uses soy lecithin as an ingredient to stabilize the product. It’s in such a miniscule amount there is no worry or fear that it’s going to cause health issues. Soy lecithin is actually used in supplement form to lower LDL cholesterol and you can accomplish some of that health benefit by eating organic free range egg yolks. You heard right.

The second form  of Ubiquinol comes from Healthy Origins and is a 100 mg capsule taken generally just once a day unless your neurologist or cardiologist said to take more.

Understand there is a difference between Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone. Ubiquinone is a form of CoQ10 that the body needs to disassemble in order for it to be useful and something is always lost in the transition. Better to take Ubiquinol since it’s already reduced and easily absorbed.

7 Reasons to Take Ubiquinol CoQ10 CoQ10 is an enzyme and a co-factor in helping the muscles in our bodies to be able to produce energy. If you don’t have enough CoQ10 your muscles will have a hard time cooperating. This is why you get muscle craps from many medications and why your don’t have the energy of a 20 year old when you are 50 or 60 or 70. You HAVE to slow down.

1. CoQ10 is produced by the liver. Around age 30 the liver production of CoQ10 begins to lessen naturally.

2. Statin Drugs, even Red Rice Yeast and 150 other prescriptions medications interfere with the liver’s ability to produce CoQ10 to the point that by taking these medications we are making it much harder for the heart to produce energy.

3. CoQ10 was discovered in the 1950s by cardiologists studying one important muscle – the heart.

4. In Europe physicians always prescribe CoQ10 when prescribing statin drugs.

5. CoQ10 is a heart-centric antioxidant that helps to keep you young.

6. Laboratory studies show that CoQ10 supplementation reduces the amount of amyloid beta plaque formation in brain cells, resulting in improved behavior. We can’t say for sure that starting on a CoQ10 regimen will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease but it sure looks beneficial in studies.

7. Keep your heart young with a steady regimen of CoQ10 along with Omega-3 Essential oils.

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Ubiquinol 50mg 60 CAPSULES
Ubiquinol 100 mg 60 Capsules
The Theory of Everything – Movie

If you haven’t had the chance to see this new release sharing the Stephen Hawking story, then treat yourself. It’s been romanticized to be sure but the fundamental facts are all there.

Given only 2 years to live with his diagnosis of motor neuron failure or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Stephen Hawking is still alive 50 years later. As with most movies I see, I had to read more about this amazing man, his amazing family and his life’s work.


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