Hi there! Time for a quick check health update from yours truly…the Baby Boomer Health Coach, Garey Simmons

I bought a new jacket and wanted to make sure you approve of my choice. I have a game to go to at my daughter’s school. Towson Tigers. No, these are not the team colors. I am wearing a 20 year old NY Yankees hat because it’s cold out. I am glad the Yankees won last night so they can play another game. I like both teams. All these 22 year olds making baseball history. 

Going to share a new lifestyle change for me. I bought limes and my friend graciously bought me a lemon squeezer. I need to drink more water. I’ve had high uric acid this year and the probable cause is dehydration. If you feel thirsty, drink. Now water is not the greatest drink in the world but if you are thirsty it’s plenty good. To spice things up, limes are zesty. They enhance water with vitamin C and they prevent scurvy. Scurvy is not a great problem today but in times past when the British ruled the world, many sailors lost their lives to scurvy which was attributed to a lack of fresh produce and eventually a great scientist figure out what Vitamin C was and did for the human body. It only took them 500 hundred years to figure this out, but maybe it was because they didn’t have Google and the Internet. It prevents scurvy and is a great aid and support to the immune system, 80% of which resides in the gut. Doesn’t matter what kind of gut problems you have, water enhanced with lime juice can help. While you are at it, magnesium, zinc and slippery elm can help too. 

This is an ugly picture of a messy kitchen but I wanted evidence to show that I really do cut up limes every day and squeeze the nectar into my big water bottle. The bottle should be drunk daily so if I don’t finish the bottle then I am behind and trying to catch up to my healthy goals. I did try lemon but it’s not quite as interesting or zesty as lime. 

Now let’s talk about supplements. Supplements supplement a healthy diet and nutritional lifestyle, or a healthy lifestyle and high value nutritional diet. Think produce not processed food. There is no cure-all pill, don’t let any doctor with a marketing company convince you otherwise. You can buy expensive supplements and expect miracles and with the placebo effect now an established fact, you can experience good things, maybe, 30% chance. Do I take a lot of supplements? Why, yes I do. I have 3 weekly pill boxes. One is a test of 3 supplements to reduce my ringing in the ears which I have had for nearly 10 years. It’s an embarrassing story as to how I damaged my hearing but suffice it to say, I hope the Vitamin A, the Zinc and the Vitamin E helps. According to actual clinical studies, there is a 50/50 chance of improvement. 

I am on digestive supplements, fiber, omega-3 and immunity support products. I do change things up every once in awhile. 

I don’t recommend to patients taking more than 3 to 5 supplements at a time and I do recommend a 90 day period of trial to see how it may be helping you. 

But before supplements comes: Mind State, Exercise, Diet and Sleep. Those 4 areas of life I call Pillars of Health that hold up the Temple of Your Body. 

For supplement product recommendations, you can leave a message on 877-572-3444 for a call back. I don’t charge for a 15 minute consultation, but if you want a full 90 minute health history work up, that will cost you big bucks. (Not really when compared to other things you spend money on without a fleeting thought. And 90 minutes of your time is a cost and it’s a cost to my time as well. Equal opportunity here.) I am passionate about health. We only have one life to live and one body to see us through this life, so it pays in the long run to invest in yourself, literally. 

Happiness is a way of life, 

Garey J. Simmons
The Baby Boomer Health Coach



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