Hi Vickey,

This is Garey Simmons.

You called in asking about what we have that is equivalent to Res-Q 1250.

It’s the perfect question and fortunately we have the perfect answer.

It’s True Omega-3.

I wrote a full page about the similarities and you can read about it here.

We were formerly selling Res-Q 1250 but parted ways in January of 2011.

Unfortunately, the company took away our ability to discount for seniors, veterans, and loyalty customers.

We were without a doubt one of the largest resellers of Res-Q for about 5 years.

We learned a lot from working with Res-Q. Some things we modeled, some things we took away as lessons of what not to do.

Basically Res-Q1250 is about 65% epa/dha, the active ingredients in Omega-3s that are beneficial and essential to human health.

True Omega-3 brand is 70% epa/dha. Res-Q packs 200 capsules per bottle.

True Omega-3, we pack 240 per bottle.

We are always priced better than Res-Q especially wtih our veterans, seniors and loyalty programs.

Wishing you health and vitality,

Garey Simmons
Optimal Health Bridge.

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