The important thing is that you do your job: 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening.


Senior man eating turkey in Christmas dinnerFrom Larry W:“Garey – thank you for your “thank you” – I believe that nothing happens by chance – I had heard about ResQ-1250 from Sean Hannity – when I pulled it up on my search your site came up as one of the first that carried the product – so I ordered it and my cholesterol went down!! I now list this as one of my supplements when my physician asks what I take – I also found that each time I placed an order there was always a follow-up on how I felt about the service that you provided – something that means a lot to me – that someone actually “cares”. I am very pleased that you gave a comparison on your True Omega 3 product versus ResQ-1250 – I will not hesitate to order the True Omega-3 when I need it again.”

bigstockphoto_Beautiful_Smiling_Young_Woman__4496310From: Jeannemarie WarkMy father has rheumatoid arthritis he says if it wasn’t for your stuff he would not be able to walk. My dad still works at 80 years old; he is the one that told us to get your product. He has taken it for years. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!Thank you, Jeannemarie


If it works for me,it’s going to work for you.

kayakFrom Lynn:If YOU are one that suffers from any of the following symptoms, please read my story and know there is a better way! I have been a customer of Optimal Health for almost three years. I have always had an inherited cholesterol problem which the medical doctors wanted to put me on a statin drug. While in Austin, TX I was referred to a Naturopathic Doctor, who actually saved my life. She encouraged me to go on a program offered by Optimal Health and every year my overall blood test just keeps getting better. I have not put a man made chemical drug in my body for almost three years and I am in better shape and health then I’ve every been in my life. By the way, I will turn 63 yrs old in June 2009. Thanks Garey for giving me a new lease on life!Lynn Copriviza Ft. Worth, TX




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I am fully recommending Option 1 for most people reading this page. Most Americans are at some risk for heart disease due to our food supply and the way we eat. We are a nation that is Omega-3 deficient. Food manufacturers are trying to make it better by adding Omega-3 back into margarine, eggs, etc but it’s too little and too late. The answer is:  If you can spend 15 seconds in the morning taking 3 HIGH POTENCY capsules of TruOmega-3(tm)  and 15 seconds before bed taking 3 more capsules, you will be reducing substantial risk of heart disease in both significant risk of heart attack and stroke.

Option 1 (click here): Start with $3.65 and get 60 capsules which is a ten-day supply. We are only asking for $3.65 to help cover the shipping and handling. After ten days you’ll a $56 dollar bottle of True Omega-3 with 240 capsules for only $39. (includes the shipping and handling) This order will repeat every 40 days. The regimen is tried and proven. Three in the morning and three in the late evening. Stick to it and don’t fall behind. That’s the purpose of auto ship. You don’t have to call the electric company every month to reorder your monthly allotment of electricity. You are buying your electricity on a recurring basis. The same with your cable, your cell phone, your internet access. This should be the same with healthful dietary supplements. Option 1: $3.65 to start with 60 capsules, after ten days you’ll be upgraded to 240 capsules for a 40 day supply for $39. Yes, you read right: Less than a dollar a day you get all the Omega-3s you need to balance cholesterol, lower triglycerides, lower systemic inflammation, thin the blood slightly to continue blood flow and nourishment to your heart.  Sign up here for $3.65 and get started. Stick with the program for at least 3 months, take the 3 + 3 capsules a day and improve your health and lower your risks of sudden death syndrome, heart attack and stroke.


Option 2 (click here): For only $19 a month you can get on a wellness and maintenance program of 4 capsules a day. This program is suggested for healthy individuals who are deemed ‘healthy’. This is a preventative measure to balance your healthy oils.


Download your two free reports starting with Core Formulas for heart disease mitigation. You can download immediately upon signing up for Option 1 or Option 2.



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