Good morning. It’s Garey  Simmons. And today we’re going to talk about vitamin D and one other vitamin. So vitamin D, as you know, it comes from the sun and when the sun shine, the ultraviolet B waves,  gets absorbed through the skin.

I’m not, I’m not getting my words this morning.  There’s a chemical transaction, that takes place and the, vitamin D two passes through the liver, ultimately winds up in the kidneys and it, it becomes vitamin D three. Now you can take a supplement vitamin D three, and I recommend you do, especially if you live North of Florida, because in the Northern hemisphere, we don’t get direct sun very much. It’s much lower in the sky in the wintertime. And in the summer, about 15 minutes of sunshine on your skin will produce enough vitamin D for your needs. However, we cover up,  we use a sunscreen to block the sun and those ultraviolet B waves, so we don’t get burned, but we’re also not making vitamin D that way. So I’ve been taking vitamin D for several years and, it’s a good supplement to have for immunity.

There’s probably more than three known, more than 300 transactions that take place where vitamin D is completely essential and needed for  health. And so, make sure you get your vitamin D that’s really important. the last talk I had was about vitamin C and, we are the only mammals on earth that don’t make vitamin C inside. We have to ingest it and, that’s kind of interesting. We don’t have that capability. We lost that in our evolutionary design or something like that. So vitamin C is important. Vitamin D is very important and want to make sure you get enough because it has, especially when there’s the, in the news, there’s a Corona virus going on right now. We want to stay healthy and the immune system does need certain types of nutrition in order to operate properly. And as a child growing up, I was pretty sickly.

I had a lot of allergies, so I had a tough time with a compromised immune system until I reached my adult years. And I started to learn how to eat properly., it took, took a few decades, but now I’m in a place where I understand enough about nutrition that I eat properly. I eat nutrient dense food and I take supplements. I do take supplements because, we don’t always get enough in our, in our food supply. The, even the farming system has been compromised to the point that it’s all about the big bucks and big, big Agra, that, seems to dominate the decision making and even soil, replenishing the soil with the nutrients and the minerals it needs, where we’ve moved more to fertilizers and chemicals. Chemicalization not always best for health. Anyway, back to vitamin D, it’s one of the most inexpensive supplements you can find out there.

 I personally take 5,000 IUs a day. I’ve got my mom on it. She takes 2000 IUs a day international units. And, if she doesn’t have the vitamin D three, 2000 IUs and she’s only got the 5,000, you capsules or, the little gel pearls, then she’ll take a 5,000 every other day. So that’s another way to do it. It does really, really work. My personal belief is that it works better than flu shots to keep the flu away. And if you combine the benefits of getting constant infusing of vitamin C by drinking lime water, then there’s very little likelihood that you’re going to catch anything bad. And if you do, you get over it more did happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I actually got the sniffles. I hadn’t had that in a long time.

but, just infusing the vitamin C and making sure I take my vitamin D, there’s another supplement about immunity that I’m gonna, since we’re talking about that mainly today it’s a Epicor. It is a, also a very inexpensive supplement that is based on a Brewer’s yeast, that is, treated or, I guess you could say processed in a certain way where, antioxidants are bombarded at the chemical level and, that’s been shown to, improve immunity like within two hours. Actually there they’ve done clinical tests where after taking an Epicor, a capsule, 500 milligram capsule, they tested the mucosal barrier for the natural killer cells and K cells. And, they were up 60% within two hours, improvement after one hour, within two hours, 60% more, natural killer cells, which is the preventive mode, right? So pathogens and germs and bacteria enter through our mouths mainly like, we touch something and then touch her lips and then you know, the rest of the story.

So that’s why doorknobs washing hands, often those types of things are preventative. So Epicor is a preventative for, illness and sickness. If you’re already contracted a cold or a flu virus, then, the more, recuperative things you can do is vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, things like that. The last, I did, I thought I was going to talk about two vitamins. There’s another vitamin which, you’re going to laugh at. But anyway, it’s vitamin Che for joy. it’s a nutrient. Yeah. [inaudible] comes up here and believe it or not, this thing up here actually controls a lot of what goes on in here. So our subconscious mind where we’re, you know, we, we have this autonomic nervous system that controls a lot of the biological functions of our body. heart, heart rate, breathing, the entering into sympathetic mode where you’re, where you’re at high alert and you know, the stress or, danger is lurking and you gotta stay on high alert, that, that comes from our subconscious mind.

Being able to turn that into rest and digest, which is the parasympathetic mode so you can actually digest your food. When you’re in a sympathetic dominant state, you’re not going to digest very well because all the energy of the body is sent to the arms and legs, fight or flight. And, until you get to a place of, rest and digest, which is the parasympathetic mode, then the energy will go back to the stomach, the small intestines to do the GI digestion and get that intake and that uptake of the vitamins and the minerals that you’re ingesting the nutrients. So, and then, so having joy in your life is really important. It’s really important to think about good things, think good thoughts, you know, whatsoever things are true, honest, just those are the things that we want to imbibe first. And then we want to transmit out.

We’re broadcast stations, we send out energy in waves of, we can send out waves of joy to other people. We can give hugs and, we can take delight in, in our lives. And that is vitamin J. That’s joy. being able to look in the mirror and say, man, I really love my life. That that is a great place to be. And I highly recommend, if you’re not at that place, you can build up a practice and a discipline, a self-regulation type of thing where, it becomes an awareness for you and you work, work towards that. It adds so much healing power to the body, and to stay fit, to stay healthy and to be in a place of productivity where you’re caring for the people that you’re responsible for. And, being a tribal leader to your family and taking care of those business relationships you have and being responsible. So that’s what I had for you today. thanks for watching. And there will be a transcription. This will be posted on my blog and there’ll be a transcription in a couple of days. So thanks for joining me over and out. Have a great day. Wednesdays. Keep going and have a great week. Take care guys.

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