My daughter arrived last evening for our Thanksgiving Day festivities. Angel is in Hair Design school and it’s an eight hour drive. She has the sniffles and some congestion. She has some digestive issues that seem to be chronic. I am going to help her to solve those issues. Taking care of your health is about as important as anything a person can put on their wish list.

There is a nutritional theory called Primary Food. Primary Food is not the nutrition you take in through your mouth, it is the nourishment you receive from your relationships. It’s part of the mind state that allows your body to achieve wellness through balance.

I was a rather sickly child growing up, did not eat well. It’s taken me about fifty years to get the connection. Now that I have it I don’t want to let that go and hopefully, I can help some others along the way to find a healthy balance. More important than $150 flat screens or $300 Ipad’s on sale at Walmart on Friday is that fact that family is where the heart is at. Don’t get caught in any stampedes on Friday. Shop online, there are no crowds or lines to wait in and no rudeness to deal with. Hug your kids and grandkids. Hug your spouse or ex-spouse. There is enough misery out there. Let’s hold close to our hearts that which is dear!

Christina didn’t make it home until 1am. She’s still asleep. This is going to be a fun weekend!

What are you thankful for? Express your gratitude, tell us a story, below in the Leave a Reply Box and I will send you a gift in the mail. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, yeah, go for a walk and talk with those out of town relatives. Get some fresh air and count up the blessings for which you are thankful!



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