What we can learn from Sigmund Freud?
  • Sigmund Freud is known as the father of Psychoanalysis or self-analysis.
As a complex human being, one of the most important things you can do is some Self-analysis – go below the surface and find out what motivates you. What makes you different, unique, successful, healthier than the next guy.
In other words, what is your motivation to make you the best you can be?  The best version of you is inside of you, even if it hasn’t all come out yet.
I realize some people make a fair bit of money but few people have the ability to buy whatever they want whenever they want. Most people have very little money to buy extras. Most of us have to stick with necessities. There are several thousand vendors on Amazon selling supplements. I sell on Amazon too! But why choose us?
One of my secret weapons is Marci. She really runs the business, takes care of processing orders, tending to customer service issues. Here’s something that happened this month. A customer had ordered 3 bottles of Ubiquinol and only received one. It was a fulfillment center mistake, the invoice was misread. It happens once in awhile. The customer had a vacation scheduled, so Marci arranged the two bottles to be send to the vacation home in Arizona. The next thing we hear is that when the tracking was checked by the customer, the package had been delivered but in Washington, not Arizona. How could that happen? She arranged two more bottles to be sent to the home address. That was a weird one but this is why I say Marci is my secret weapon. She takes a genuine interest in each customer’s order and works until it’s completed.
We are not the biggest, not necessarily the cheapest, but we do stock high quality products and we own the national registered trademark to True Omega-3®. True Omega-3 240 capsules is our cornerstone product. We can boast that each capsule contains 700mg of the active Omega-3 ingredients. Or a 70% concentration. Why is that important? Because many companies sell 30% concentration. Those cheaper supplements and less effective and will cause indigestion for a lot of people. We boast that our True Omega-3 doesn’t cause fish burps. We recommend taking it on an empty stomach when you first get up in the morning and just before going to bed. There are scientific reasons for this. It’s to ensure the anti-inflammatory essential oils are available at specific times of the day when the liver is assessing you body’s needs.
What makes us unique is that we cater to Baby Boomers. Let’s face it, all human beings need to supplement their health with concentrated vitamins, essential oils and herbs. Our 21st century lifestyle means unless you are really militant and disciplined about what you eat, you can be digging your grave with your teeth. And unless you are more aware than the average bear, you may not start paying attention until you are about 55 years old. This is when the doctor starts warning you and they start prescribing pharmaceuticals drugs which can cover up symptoms but may just be hiding reality.
  • Are you cheaper? Yes and no. We have high quality products so in just about every case especially since Amazon, you can always find something similar a little cheaper but the ingredients or the quality may not be very good. But we realize that there are only so many discretionary dollars available and we make it affordable and we don’t rob the bank.
  • Are you quicker? We generally process your order in less than 24 hours five days a week. Our shipments average 48 to 72 hours to be deliver, barring any post office mishaps.
  • Are you a better value? We think so. So does Lisa who answered our questionnaire:  “I buy from you because your products are a good price, value and excellent quality.” Well said Lisa!
  • Are you safer? All our products are produced in a FDA inspected facility in Georgia.
  • Are you trusted? We stand firmly behind our products.
  • Are you the first? There are other companies that now sell 240 capsules in a bottle, but I believe we were the first to package our True Omega-3 this way.
  • Are you the top seller? We are the top seller for True Omega-3, that’s for sure!
  • Are you the most tested? All our products go through quality control and abide under Good Manufacturing Processes.
  • Are you most advanced? Another first is or I would consider an advancement is our Omega-3 Protocol, where we combine 3 types of Omega-3s to form a synergistic blend of Omega-3s. See Omega-3 Protocol
  • Are you the oldest? We have a 12 year track record having started our business in 2006.
  • Are you the most loved? I think many of our customers love us because we talk to you on the phone and make sure we are doing what we say we are going to do.
  • Are you the most reliable? I wish we got it right 100% of the time, but sometimes our process or fulfillment or the Post Office or a hurricane make things difficult, be we will do our best to be there for you.
  • Are you the most fun? Ha.
  • Are you the most helpful? By far!
  • Are you the easiest to deal with? Definitely. 877-572-3444 Because we are only two people in the office, you might get voice mail. I know that is not the best, but either Marci or I will call you back and soon!
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Garey Simmons

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