Supplements are not exactly Magic Pills. Sometimes you might think they are from all the wonderful benefits they bring but after all as the name implies, they are supplements, which means they are supplemental to other nutrition you consume for your pleasure and your well being. 


They come after what you do for nourishment in the other 23 hours and 59 minutes a day. Literally, it takes only a minute to open your supplement pill box, take out your day’s regimen and swallow with a glass of water or a glass of Mighty Mango Juice. 

IMG_20130804_085452_616I used to take my supplements twice a day, morning and evening. Lately, I have been taking certain supplements every time I eat. I got one of those big round left over containers and I dump all my supplements in there for the week. It’s in the kitchen so every time I am in there for food, it’s easy to grab what I need. 

For example, I am now taking berberine for mitigation of metabolic syndrome, a gift from my ancestors. So that’s important to take with any food. Now that does seem like a magic pill. Berberine, check it out. 

Of course, Omega-3 is the most important supplement I take in my daily regimen. It’s part of my insurance policy against heart disease. Both my parents suffered from heart disease so I take that very seriously. 

Do you like metaphors? 

Here’s a metaphor: The nutrition you take in day is like a boat. It’s traveling along the river and the rudder is like your supplements. The rudder is the smallest piece of equipment on the boat yet without it you can’t get to where you want to go. 

canoeI have a canoe. It’s probably thirty years old and with two people in the canoe it’s really hard to steer. With three people it’s nearly impossible. My daughter found that out when she decided to cross the Back River in the canoe with two of her girlfriends. With the current and the wind at their back they had no trouble making it across to Essex, about one mile. Getting back was another story. 

They couldn’t coordinate their oars or time them to make and head way and kept spinning the boat in circles. They got nowhere. Thank God for cell phones. They called for a rescue and my neighbor helped me retrieve them. They had drifted up river about two miles. Good lesson for them. (My daughter is 20 years old, just saying, lest you think I am a terrible father. They had life jackets, whistles and cell phones with them.)

Before I go on and tell you that nutrition is fuel to power your boat, let me also tell you what else comprises nutrition.  In reality, your nutrition is not just the food you eat. It’s the level of stress you have in your life. It’s the relationships you have with your family. It’s the friends (and enemies) you have at work. Do you think I jest? Not in the least.

All those things are considered Primary Food. What is it that warms your heart? What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? I hope it’s not an Egg McMuffin.  Ok, I confess, sometimes the thought of a good cup of coffee is pretty good at getting me out of bed, but this morning it was this article. I had these thoughts buzzing around in my head. 

This is primary food for me. Sharing what I know about health and wellness. It is what drives me. 

nakedandafraidI had the chance to watch two episodes of a reality show called Naked and Afraid.  Both episodes bear this principle out rather well. 

The show is comprised of a man and a woman (contestants, with some survival training and skills) placed in inhospitable areas of the world. They shed their clothes (private parts are blurred out) and trek out into the wilderness and will be picked up in 21 days. They have to fend for themselves without any modern conveniences. They have to build shelter and brave the elements and they have to find food.  No Egg McMuffins, mostly insects, worms, snakes and small fish and game are consumed. All contestants lose enormous amounts of weight. But their survival doesn’t pivot on the food. It’s determined by how they help each other to keep going mentally and emotionally. Interesting! 

So back to our modern world. We have an abundance of food and modern conveniences. Carbohydrates are the center of modern food in our world. It’s an overabundance really.  And carbs are great if you have to survive in the wilderness. That’s one major food source you don’t get much of in the wilderness, and that’s why those contestants lose about 2 lbs a day. If you have to hunt your food, if you are an athlete and burn 5000 calories daily in workouts, then carbs are what you want and need for energy. However, if you sit at a desk and shuffle  papers, even if they are really important papers, you are not going to burn many calories. If you are stressed at work or in life in general, your metabolism tends to hold on to weight. The fight or flight hormones tell your body not to let go of anything. And you don’t. 

You could say it’s a mind body connection. But do you start to see how Primary food works with secondary food (what you ingest)? 

kayakBack to the boat. Supplements, if you are taking the correct ones, can get you from point A to point B much more quickly. I love to kayak and I think supplements help you skim through the water of life in rapid order. In a kayak, I have not to worry about currents or wind. The kayak moves rather effortlessly through the water with twice the efficiency (or more)  of paddling in a canoe.  I call those premium supplements. Omega-3, Berberine, Plant Sterols, Ubiquinol, etc. A kayak has a better strategy for navigating the waters. Supplements are a better strategy.

If you want to review your supplement regimen, I can do that for you free of charge. Download the Health Audit form here. Fill it out and email it back or fax. I will get you on the phone within a few days. (I can do about two of these consultations per week.) 

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. 

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