The Foggy Brain Combo:

It’s about three o’clock in the afternoon. The chicken you ate for lunch is consuming all your energy while you are sitting comatose in your cubicle. You can’t remember what you were thinking about 30 seconds ago. There was something important you were supposed to do. But you have been waylaid by Brain Fog! This package cost $1.07 a day. It’s a three month supply. Clear out the cobwebs with these three important brainwave enhancing products.

Combo Special Consists of:

Brain Fog Package - Three Month Supply!
  • 3 bottles of Calamarine High DHA Omega-3 $99
  • 3 Bottles of Ginkgo Biloba $36.00
  • 1 Bottle of Cognizin Citicoline $47.95
$182.95  Normal Discounted Price   til the end of August get this 3 month supply for only $97 Save $85! (Less than $33 a month!) Click here.

The Omega-3 Protocol Auto Ship – Two Month Supply:

Sold on Continuity with Free Shipping.  It’s $59.95 per shipment and we pay the shipping. Less than $1 a day for a full complement of Omega-3 Diversity! Now, by using SaveYourHeart as an Offer Code during check out, you will get the first shipment for only $49.95. Save $10. You must use the coupon code SAVEYOURHEART. All one word. (25 Lucky People will get to use this code to save an additional $10 on your first shipment.) Click here and remember to SAVEYOURHEART

Read more about the Protocol – $49.95 divided by 60 days means 83 cents a day! (Second cycle reverts to $59.95 less than $1.00 a day) You may cancel at anytime!

$2 Vitamin C-500! 

We have about 20 – 25 Vitamin C bottles on hand with the old RSQ labels. We are basically giving them away below cost at $2 a pop. Once we run out, we will start adding C-1000 with Quercetin to our promo combos for the free Vitamin C. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids are the topic of some hot research in the heart health arena. Please do yourself a favor and take Vitamin C daily. Click here to add to cart.

Next transmission from Bad Axe Lake. Stay tuned.

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