When bad things happen, good will eventually show up. Sometimes the price of this cycle of life is very high. Sometimes we are left wondering if life itself is worth it. There nothing right about what goes wrong and there is nothing wrong when things go right. The fact is that both good and bad, right and wrong are part of the programming, it’s built into the system.

We see light and sunshine and we say that’s good. We feel the gloom and darkness of the night and we say that’s bad, or difficult or unpleansant or downright awful. It’s not a consolation that we can’t have one without the other. It doesn’t make it any less difficult. This too shall pass. The wounds will heal but there will always be scars. The remembrance will remain.

The famous Mr. Rogers wrote that his mother taught him when he was a child that when you hear about bad things, you should always look for the helpers. There are always helpers on the scene, the brave, the courageous, the heroes that engender hope and bring the light of love and assistance to those in need.

So when we hear of bad things, let’s resolve to be helpers, let’s be there for those who need us in the hour of need. Be strong and of good courage, it says in the Bible. And look to see where the helpers are and when called upon, be a helper for another.

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