Lose Weight the Easy, Tim Ferriss Prescribed Way!

I could be wrong, but …

Try this on for size. Something to ponder… When you walk into a room, into a party, into a locker room, into a conference room full of people you don’t know, what do you want to feel like? In your heart of hearts, what is it you really want and how do you define yourself?

How you look on the outside, starts deep down on the inside.

For a long time, I was the timid wall puppy, all the while secreting idolizing and wanting to be superman. If you are like the rest of us you want superman-like powers, or superwoman’s, don’t you?

You want to exude the quiet confidence of a Seal Team trained, “Let’s Roll” warrior with complete control of your outcomes, don’t you?

You want to be able to walk with a quiet humility and just a slight swagger like no one is going to mess with you and everybody, I mean everybody is attracted to your spirit. You walk in your strength. You stand in your power. You have that vibe, that confidence that needs no introduction.

The butterflies fly to your light.

You are the guy or gal who can make things happen. Why? Because you have made things happen…

With your body

You are the supreme commander of you. You’ve called the alliance together: body, mind and spirit. You don’t let things get out of control.

In this protocol, it’s all about results! Let’s get you some results! We can fix this in short order! The Magic is in the Sauce.

Yes, You Can! Make It Happen!

If you are already to do this thing, I just want to give you a wee bit of Yoda advice: “Do or do not, there is no try.” I am happy to report that many of you, hundreds have reported Thumbs Up to the protocol. But it’s not just about the supplements, these are a nudge to get your body pistons cranking in a fat burning direction. The real sauce is in your mindset.

Take this on like a Ninja, like Delta Force Rangers, Seal Team Six, Superman, Wonder Woman, Amazon Goddess Warrior, whatever metaphor has meaning for you, but here is the secret:

Take Massive Action, Just Do It. (Nike, I am borrowing, not stealing.) Don’t Wimp Out Now!

I had to blurt that out! Now you know, the only problem is that I think I made it too simple, too easy and you may not believe me! Hope it’s not the case.

I shouldn’t have to convince you. Tim has written all that needs to be said. So let’s get started.

Start with a Two Month Pack or Four or Six… Your Choice…

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