The One Thing Boomers Fear Most

I was creating a “cheat sheet” for my top selling product True Omega-3. I was thinking of all the reasons that a person especially someone in their 50s, 60s or  70s would want to consider taking Omega-3s. I wrote down a bunch of them that you can see on the graphic below. General health, brain health, heart health and the list goes on. But the real question is not, “Why someone would want to take Omega-3s?” It’s a much more important question. Let me use an analogy:

If I need a drill,  I will go to Home Depot to buy a drill. But I don’t really need a drill. I need a hole. A tradesman might get some joy from buying a new the drill but most of us just need what the drill can do. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Craftsman or a Ryobi, whether its orange and black or yellow and black. Doesn’t matter a lick.

The drill is just a means to the goal of a hole, that’s all.

Since I am a health coach, I think about the benefits that a daily regimen of Omega-3s can deliver. That’s me with my nose against the tree and I sometimes miss the forest. But prevention of heart disease is not top of mind for you. I know it’s not. Everyone takes their health for granted because that is what we do. You don’t wake up thinking about your heart health or early onset dementia. At least you shouldn’t be thinking about that. Instead, you should be thinking about your sons and daughters, your grand kids and their happiness and when is the next time you are going to get to see them. I am going to check fares as soon as I finish this article because those grand daughters of mine are growing up way too fast.

Savannah’s going be 4 and Summer will be 3 a few months after that. Their little faces and their eyes and the excitement they have for their next activity is what I am really concerned about. What are they having for breakfast? Will mom or dad be too tired to read them a story before bed? These are the important things.

So the real question for Baby Boomers and I speak with some authority being a boomer myself, is “will I be healthy enough to be there for my sons and daughters as they begin to find their true loves and passion for life? Will I be there for my grand daughters with their journey through school, education, troublesome social situations, more school, picking a major, dreaming of a career?” Those questions are worth pondering.

If you feel this is a big enough why, then you’ll figure out the how. You actually already know how. The How is easy. Keep your mind and attitude right. Exercise daily, and I mean work up a sweat in some fashion or manner. Eat right. Wholesome nutrition, healthy fats, lay off the Lay’s chips, eat many vegetables, learn to make a protein shake with fun stuff in it. And lastly, sleep right and peacefully. Make peace with yourself and those around you before your head touches your pillow. That’s health in a nutshell.

Werner celebrated his 80th birthday atop Mt Kilimanjaro

The what is simply being healthy enough as you age gracefully. Anti-aging is a bunch of crock. Sorry to bust a myth on you right here but there is no such thing as anti-aging. It’s a marketing slogan that creates billions in sales but it’s a myth. Covering up wrinkles is not anti-aging. You are not going backwards in age. If you stop aging it means you’re in the morgue or your family is arranging the funeral. Instead maybe a more realistic approach would be to age gracefully. Stay vibrant and active through those senior golden years. Did you know there are mountain climber clubs for octogenarians?

None of us are any good at things we’ve never done before. And the fear of death and dying is one that we’ll never get good at until we come to terms with the fact that all plants, all animals including homo sapiens, have a beginning, a middle and an end. Practicing for death is a dumb idea. We’ll never get “good” at it.  (We’ll leave aside beliefs in the afterlife for another discussion.)

What you don’t want to be is the person who dies at 50 and is buried at 80 spending the golden years in disarray, sickness and disease. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s be living at 60 and thriving at 70 and still making an impact on those great grandkids even at 80.

And that’s why I want you to take a daily regimen of high potency Omega-3. You don’t have to take my brand but you do need to make sure it’s high quality and fresh, not rancid! It’s important to the larger goal of staying healthy and being there for them.

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