Frau steht vor Regal im SupermarktPersonal Story – E-Commerce Works

I wanted to relate a true life story that happened to me this week and how I am convinced e-commerce, not only works but is here to stay!

Last week I listened to Jocko Willink, a Navy Seal Commander who was the in-charge in the first battle for Ramadi (I hate to think we have to do this more than once.) Through his experiences in Ramadi he learned the do’s and don’t of urban warfare and how LEADERSHIP is the key to success. The gravity of daily life and death situation make the lessons acute.

After Ramadi he was the in-charge for Navy Seal Leadership Training on the West Coast. So he was instrumental in relaying life saving information to the rising junior Navy Seal officers they’d need during the soon coming ‘Surge’. It’s a 21/2 hour interview with Tim Ferriss and it’s available on his podcast page.

The podcast is entitled, “Scariest Navy Seal Ever.” I wonder why?

Extra bonus on the same page is 2.5 hours with Stan McCrystal.

Anyway, Jocko is drinking pomegranate white tea during the interview and he says is the best stuff to stay hydrated.

So I think, “I’d like to try that.” I go online and find it on Amazon and I can get it in two days. Then I think, “Nah, Whole Food’s is right down the street, I just pick some up.” Five days later, I still haven’t made it to Whole Foods! Dang. The regular supermarket had pomegranate tea but not white pomegranate tea. So I settle for that.

Finally I make it to whole foods and what do I find?  A mixed up menagerie of all kinds of exotic teas, but no white pomegranate.

I am hard pressed. It’s impossible. I even got a stock person to help me look to no avail. Believe me, they are not in alphabetical order and there is no ‘search box.’ I should have just ordered it on Amazon and I would have had it in two days. E-Commerce works.

Of course, you know we sell supplements online. Did you ever try to find supplements in a store?

E-commerce is so much easier!

Especially if you live 10, 20 or 30 miles away from a store that might just have what you are looking for. But then again, they might not.

So the smart thing to do is: use the internet. You’ll get it faster and in today’s economy there really is no price difference. In fact the same products are less expensive online, no brick and mortar overhead!

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