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You may have wondered why we have two websites selling the same products. I wonder that sometimes myself. Let’s explore this just a bit. Near the end I have a metaphorical story to tell you.We have two websites or storefronts online for our dietary supplements:The Original Site is located at Truthfully, we used to use but that became defunct after conferring with N3Oceanic. Oops, sorry Res-Q. On this shopping cart, to date,  we have processed 37,897 Orders. I am proud of that.It’s a good idea to have two sites on two servers in case one goes down. This does happen from time to time and the site could be missing in action for a few minutes to a few hours in case of server failure and backups have to be implemented.

Original Site:

History: In December 2005 I published a one page website in which I told my story of getting better using Omega-3 Oils. I had a PayPal account and a friend showed me how to make a “Buy Button.” We’ve come a long way. We have now shipped to Canada, England, Holland, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and Saudia Arabia…besides the USA.

In July 2013 we opened a 2nd site at on a different server with a different template and a more functional self service way for customers to access their records. We just passed 1,300 orders on this site.

Thank you from my heart for participating and working on your own health and being willing to try something new. I am not scientific enough to be able to calculate how many heart attacks and/or strokes we have been able to prevent through the whole hearted endorsement of high potency Omega-3s. Let’s just say if you are reading this…you might be one of them. I know I count myself among that number!

Benefits of the original site: 1. This is where we run our auto ships. The Continuity program helps folks keep getting their supplements with regularity without having to spend time reordering. It does happen if a customer doesn’t keep the same regimen, they can become overstocked, but all it takes is an email or phone call and we can pause or discontinue the auto ship for awhile until its needed again. Marci takes care of these tasks and has a 99.99% accuracy record. 2. Long time clients seem to like this check out process. If you want your basic information stored there is a check box at the bottom of the first form for keeping your address information in storage on your own computer so you don’t have to fill that out every time. But we don’t store cc info and that has to be inputted with each order, except for auto ship orders.

Benefits of the newer site: We can much more easily add new products to this site and we can use this site to easily take your phone orders. There is a CRM component where you can log in with ease and track your own invoices if you wish and we can access your records much more easily. On this site we also do not store any cc numbers. It’s in your best interest that this info is not store. Those systems like Amazon that will store your cc info cost literally millions of dollars, require servers in different geographical locations and require a lot more very expensive compliance procedures. We are a high quality, low cost operation and we aim to keep it that way.

Let’s keep up the good work. Let’s celebrate each day we can walk the earth and do good for others, be contributors and help those who are less fortunate.

This is our tenth year in service, in service to better health, better heart health. I had no idea what I was doing when I put up that first web page touting the benefits of Omega-3s. I can say with all humility, I still don’t know what I am doing (without Marci.)

Discount Codes I am proud to offer:

Veterans: Served in the US Armed Forces
Seniors: 65 or Better
HealthyU: Returning Customers.
Welcome: New and First time Customers.

Be well,

Garey Simmons

PS. Unusual Story: I had an unusual thing happen in my neighborhood two days ago. I was driving down my street heading home. I see an elderly man laying in the road and thought, “now that’s something you don’t see everyday.” The car ahead of me had stopped. I put on my flashers and jumped out. I asked the man if he had fallen, he said he had. I asked him if he wanted to get up. He said yes. I asked him if I could help him to get up and he said yes. So with his permission, I maneuvered him to a sitting position. Then I raised him up by grasping under his shoulders. He was 92 and probably weighed 92 lbs. He was able to walk and he had cuts on his hands from his fall. No broken bones. Once he got back to his house he was able to make it up the short flight of stairs. A neighbor had seen what happened and came out. She knew the man’s daughter and was going to call her to alert her and find out if he needed further medical care.I thought this was an appropriate metaphor for what I do with my coaching and my dietary supplement business. I help people my age and better find a way to get back up when they have fallen. Maybe diabetes is a concern. Maybe heart disease or risk factors are a concern. We’ll do what we can to get you back on your feet and make sure you have a pre-emptive regimen to follow. I always have 15 minutes to do an assessment and make recommendations based on nutritional philosophies and natural care. I don’t replace your doctor of course but I can help in-between your doctor’s visits. Call me directly at 443-852-1000. If I don’t answer, just wait a few minutes for a call back.
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