Our original website at www.OptimalHealthBridge.com was built on a blog themed website with shopping features randomly distributed on informational sales pages and blog posts. It’s worked well but over time, many of our customers have asked for certain features to be made available more in line with the Amazon style store and shopping experience. This includes user account creation, ability to track past orders without having to call in and get a call back, etc. 

It’s taken us awhile to get ‘r done, but we have had several successful tests  over the last two weeks and we’re ready to rock and roll. 

Let me explain a few of the features of the new site. 


1. Powerful Search Tool Bar: As you begin to type any part of the name of a product, it will drop a list of the most likely results, which you can then click on to go to that product. 

2. Shopping cart total in the right corner, always keeps you informed of how much is totaled in the cart. 


3. Sale*  All product that are on sale at reduced pricing will be listed here.

4. Free* All free items, give aways, promotional pieces, Special Reports will be listed here.

5. Autoship* All products in our convenience Auto Ship program are listed on this page. With the advent of our new shopping platform, we will be operating to check out carts. One for regular purchases and the legacy cart will still handle Auto Ship orders. At this time we will not be able to use one cart to fill both types of orders. In may come in the near future, and we will keep you posted on any update. If you want to make an autoship order over the toll free line and add some non auto ship products, then the operator will take your auto ship order and make a note of the regular products to be added as non-autoship and our back office will take care of it for you.

6. Stories: This is our feedback and testimonial page. You can read others stories and at any time you may submit your story or testimonial to feedback@ohb3.com

7. FAQs: Basic questions about shipping, returns and you can pose questions on this page as well.

8. Blog: This button will take you back to www.OptimalHealthBridge.com and the Blog page for all our interesting and not so interesting articles!

9. Contact Us: Telephone numbers and email form here.

10. My Account: This is where you can log into your client account. For the last 2,000 customers, we have imported your email addresses and set you up with a temporary password: temp123. As an incentive to try the new store, we have credited your account with $15. 

This is also where you can create an account. 


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