Why I like Wiley’s Finest Oils!

I met Sam Wiley several years ago at a trade show. He had a container or 10,000 capsules of Omega-3 softgel capsules on display at his trade show booth. I figured I had taken about that many capsules since I started using Omega-3 fish oil for my own particular heart health issues.

garey10000Here’s the pic.

Now I am a lot better looking than that.

This past month I met up with Sam again in Baltimore and he had on display several new, ready-made retail products made with their straight from Alaska, All American made high potency fish oil products.

Here are the new offerings, starting with one that I love:

Orange Burst

Orange Burst is a highly potent liquid fish oil product. Sam was getting our free taste tests at the show. I volunteered to taste it. Now truth be told, I don’t usually like tasting oily things, especially fish oil. I can tolerate the taste but to say “I like it” or “I love it” would generally be way beyond reach.

It’s totally the opposite with Orange Burst. It’s not only tolerable but in fact, I can say without hesitation, it’s great tasting! It can truly be taken on a teaspoon and even the most skeptical, once trying it will agree. However, I suggest in case you have any doubts, you can add it to your smoothie or protein shake.

You are doing one meal replacement shake a day, aren’t you?

You should. It’s a great weight management technique to use at lunch time. Works great with the 8 hour diet or for any gym enthusiasts who use a protein shake in their regimen.

The Benefits of Orange Burst Omega-3s. One teaspoon a day is all you need for a normal healthy person. There are 55 teaspoons in the 8.4 ounce bottle. Two or three teaspoons a day if you are using it therapeutically for low Omega-3 levels, for heart disease issues or neurological issues. The price: A mere $23.95 per bottle, that’s a dollar off of the low retail price! Worth every penny, good to the last drop.

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